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WI Gift Exchange

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What is the Gift Exchange (GE)?

WI's Gift Exchange (GE) was set up so members of WI could trade safely in a relaxed environment.

In the GE you use the WIGEV to value your items and trade fairly with other gifted members of WI.

How do I join the GE?

To join the Gift Exchange program, you must apply for the rank. You can apply to become a gifted member at The Webkinz Official Gift Exchange Information Thread [1].

You must meet all the requirements listed there to become a gifted member. If you do not meet all of the requirements your application will be denied. If you do meet all the requirements there is no guarantee that you will be accepted into the Gift Exchange. The amount of gift coaches in the Gift Exchange limits the amount of people they can accept into the program at one time. Sometimes, people are denied for not making enough non-fluff posts. [1] Please note that there is not a time limit on how long you will have to wait for your application to be processed.

Unfortunately at this time due to low forum activity gift exchange applications are closed.

So I have been accepted, now what?

Once you have been accepted, you won't become a "gifted" member right away. You'll be a gift trainee, also known as a "GT". Gift Trainees are members that are new to the training process. Instead of going straight to the Gift Exchange, they go into the training section, also known as the "TS."

When you first enter the Training Section, you're assigned a Gift Coach (or GC). Your Gift Coach helps you through the training process and makes sure that you understand how trading works on WI and how to calculate values using the WIGEV. In the Training Section, Gift Trainees are only able to trade with other Gift Trainees and Gift Coaches.

I've now been a GT for awhile, when will I become gifted?

Many members believe that becoming gifted is based upon the amount of "feedback" you have. This is not true. Becoming gifted is based upon how well you understand the gifting process.

Your coach monitors you and once they feel that you are ready to become gifted, you will be given a quiz to make sure you understand everything you learned in the Training Section. The time it takes for a trainee to be deemed ready for the Big GE varies from Gift Trainee to Gift Trainee. Some Gift Trainees stay longer than others to ensure they fully understand the trading process.

Yay, I've become gifted! It's a bit scary, though, what do I do?

You have probably now noticed how large the Gift Exchange is compared to the Training Section! Well, it's always a bit overwhelming at first, but don't worry, it slows down as you get used to it.

When you first become gifted, it may be tempting to make your own GE right away! This is perfectly acceptable, however other members of the GE love to welcome the newly gifted. So, on your first days of opening your brand new GE, you might be flooded with offers and posts. It can be overwhelming, but everyone is welcoming, friendly, and helping you adjust to life in the Gift Exchange.

If the overload of offers doesn't sound like your cup of tea, you may want to explore the GE a bit, and see what you can find and get used to the Gift Exchange that way. You could offer on some items at other GEs to help get your hands on some awesome items and help build your collection. Or you could participate in Gift Exchange activities such as the Gift Exchange Daily Chat Thread (or GEDCT). There is no rush in making your GE! Some members NEVER make a GE!

OK, so I've been hearing about this Gift Guru stuff around the GE, what's that?

A Gift Guru, also known as a "GG", is a formally gifted member who showed great excellence in trading, and applied to be a Gift Guru. Just like applying to be a part of the gift exchange, you must meet specific requirements to be a Gift Guru. Gift Gurus must have been in the GE for at least a month, have 50 unique positive feedback points (TS feedback points do not count), have 100% feedback score, and have demonstrated great trading behavior. After all, Guru means to teach, so being a Gift Guru is a huge honor!

Now that I know what a GG is, I want to be one! Where do I apply?

If you fit all the requirements, go the Gift Guru Application Thread [2] and apply.

Just like when you became a GT, even if you fit all the requirements this does not mean you will be accepted right away. Please note that there is not a time limit on how long you will have to wait for your Gift Guru application to be processed.

I found out that some Gift Gurus are chosen to be the Gift Coaches, how do I get chosen?

Gift Coaches are staff members of Webkinz Insider that coach new Gift Trainees in the Training Section. To even qualify to become a Gift Coach on Webkinz Insider, you must be 18 years of age or older. Potential Gift Coaches must also be Gift Gurus in good standing that show they are knowledgeable about the Gift Exchange. Last but not least, members who wish to be Gift Coaches may not have any infractions or prior warnings. You may not ask to become a Gift Coach either, the administrators choose Gift Coaches based upon the statistics stated above.

  1. Non-Fluff posts are good, helpful posts. Check out the guide to making good posts for more information: