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WI Click to Win

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Webkinz Insider's Free Code Click-to-Win is a contest on WI in which it's members can win codes to Touring Vans, Caring Valley Trees and even some Pet Codes. It was announced by Justin on Jan. 12 2011 and it has been going on since then.

How Do I Get There?

You can get there one way by going to the Homepage and clicking on the Last Winner box which cannot be seen on the forum pages but can be seen on the Home Page. Click on the "Win Free Webkinz Codes Now!" to go to the page. File:LastWinnerBox.png

Or you can follow this link HERE


You must be a Webkinz Insider member to try your luck, so give it a go.

Once you're a member, make sure you're logged in to your account. In order to put your entry in for each day's prize you must:

  Have made 5 posts on that day
  Have at least 500 WI Bucks in your account to spend on your entry

Then, click the big red button. It's that simple!


You can click the button as many times as want in a day. If you win a pop-up will come up telling you that you have won and that you should get your code via an automated PM from Justin. If you have lost the screen should show the screen below. Then give you the option to try again which will reload that page and allow you to click the link again. If there are no more prizes available a image will come up telling you so.



The prizes are all codes like those to pets, Touring Vans and Caring Valley Trees. If you would like to see what you could win that day look above the red button and see what is listed there as an available prize. E.G. In the above picture you could win a Touring Van or Haunted Hickory/Boiled Wyvernacle.

If you want to see all the available prizes you can click link HERE.

How it works

The codes for the day are entered in a system and randomly given out when someone clicks the button. There is guaranteed to be one winner each day.

Donate/Where do the codes come from?

You may be wondering where these code prizes come from. They are donated by members like you to be given away in contests. If you would like to donate anything for Webkinz Insider to give away in contests. Please use the Contact Form to donate them and tell them what the code is so they can add it to the list of available prizes. If you want to dontate Webkinz News codes but have run out of usable E-Mails just send it to anything Ex. and they will get the code.