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WI Bucks

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Important Notice

WI bucks have returned to WI to be used as a contest entry. Unfortunately the store will not be returning as the programmer has chosen to abandon the project. We apologize for the unfortunate loss of this cool feature, but hope you will enjoy the potential winnings from the contest! --MissGnomie, May 2012

The store is currently closed, awaiting an update from the developer of the software. It may be some time before WI subscriptions can be purchased with WI Bucks... Sorry everyone! --- Justin, September 13, 2010

UPDATE (December 2010): WI Bucks access has been removed from member profiles pending repair to the programming.

WI Bucks Guide

Welcome to the guide to WI Bucks! Here you will find information on this feature and what it is to be used for. As this is a new feature that will continue to be added on to, please understand that this is a living document which is subject to frequent changes. Below you will find information on WI Bucks, rules involved with them and common questions and answers.

What are WI Bucks?

WI bucks are a new reward feature put into place on Webkinz Insider on March 9th, 2009[1] which "rewards" members with a type of "play" cash and originally allowed them to purchase features available through the WI Bucks store[2] and gift them to other users as they may see fit to do so. Unfortunately this store feature is no longer available, please see further details below.

But what does it reward?

WI Bucks are designed to reward activity based on user groups. It looks at everything you do on WI and estimates a increase in your funds. Certain things cost bucks but others increase them significantly; such as posting, sending a private message, visiting user profiles, etc. These activities are also affected by your user group[note 1]. For example, a webkinz may not gain as much WI bucks by posting as a gifted member.

Break Down of Features

Here is a simple break down of the features and what you can expect to find. Some features may take away bucks but there are plenty of them that reward bucks to balance that action and your spending and gifting! Keep in mind all of these features may be different for each user and is pending on what user group they belong to and a number of other factors.

User group induction This feature rewards you with "bucks" when you move up in user groups. For example when you move from being a gifted member to a gift guru.

Referrals A referral is like an invitation to join something. When you tell your friends about WI and they put your username into the referral box - you get bucks!

Visits & Activity[note 2] When you Log On and participate in different activities on Webkinz Insider, you are rewarded "bucks". This may is affected by your user group, a Webkinz may earn more than a lil' kinz for visiting, but not as high as a gift guru[3].

Birthday Present Remember that birthdate you gave WI when you registered? Well now you get a birthday gift from WI!

Reputation Given & Received When you give reputation to another user, you will earn bucks. Same with receiving it. A nice reward for spreading a little bit of joy around!

New Threads & Popularity When you create a new thread, you are rewarded for participating in WI and the community. When people post on your thread you also may receive bucks. The more popular the thread, the more bucks that are rewarded.

Thread ratings By rating threads you also will receive bucks. Give it an honest rate and Let the user know how much you appreciate that information! You may also receive bucks for people rating your own threads.

Posts! When you post on your own thread, you will receive some "bucks" for participating in the community. You will also receive bucks for posting comments on other people's threads as well. - It should be noted that "fluff" or copy & pasted messages may result in a loss of bucks or posts as well.

Profile popularity When someone visits your profile, expect to see some bucks awarded! So get out there & visit some friends, you'll be leaving a friendly smile and some bucks to help out as well!

Calendar Usage When you put in an event or view the calendar, you may find yourself rewarded with WI bucks!

Voting in polls[4] When you vote in polls you will receive some bucks!

What Can I Use WI Bucks For?

Previously WI bucks were used to purchase Insider Insider subscriptions[5], and gifting to members as a way to say "thanks." These two systems were removed for different reasons and WI bucks have been repurposed as a contest tool.

For more information see below and the FAQ.

Contest Entries

WI bucks are no longer used for subscription or gifting purposes. As of May 2012 the system was repurposed to provide a new system for contests on WI. By visiting the Free Webkinz Code giveaway page[6] you can choose to pay 500 bucks for a daily entry (providing you meet the other requirements).

Please note that the staff are discouraging any formulas or details on how to earn the most WI bucks efficiently from being posted. This would provide an unfair advantage to some members, and it takes away from the fun and purpose of the contest. Just as we have stated in the FAQ previously, any formulas showing how to earn the most bucks will not be posted to this guide.

How to Gift WI Bucks

Gifting WI bucks is no longer allowed. This is due to the repurposing of WI bucks as contest entries, as the contest is suppose to encourage members to participate on the forums and earn bucks. It was great to see members share their bucks as an extra way to say thank you. However, Just as the staff would not want someone to enter a room contest with a design other than their own we chose to disable it to keep contest entries fair.

Banking: How to Save Those Bucks

The bank feature (like in real life) can be a great way to save your money & collect interest on large sums. However, it should be noted that these features also come with a bit of a fee which makes small deposits quite lofty in price, it is best to leave WI bucks in the bank to collect interest, instead of having to remove them constantly.

First off - it should be noted that everyone has two types of accounts. Savings (found at the top) and loans[note 3]. You will be using your savings account most often.


You can check your balance by clicking on [Balance] below your notifications (above the activies on the left hand banner) or by clicking [Balance] underneath your avatar, found where the [Give WI bucks] button is beneath your friends avatar.

Savings The amount you can put in your savings account is unlimited[7]A minimum of 500 WI bucks must be put in the savings account to receive 3.5% interest on the bucks[note 4] every 30 days. Every deposit takes a minimum of one day to complete and withdrawing the transaction before then will result in a fee of 5.0% of that amount.

All savings transactions (taking money out or in) receive a 2.0% fine. So, if you deposit 1,000 bucks you are going to see 980 go in. It is a small fee for a good feature. If you have a lot of bucks, put some away to save & earn interest. Do your best not to touch these and you will see it pay off in due time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my friend not get charged for sending a PM?

Your friend should no longer be charged for PMs[8]. But it is good to note that different user groups have different pros/cons for activities (Private messages, posting, profile messages, reputation given and received, etc) - it is best to experiment and see the results you get!

Can anyone else see my WI bucks? The only one that can see your Bucks are you and the staff/system. It is to discourage contests between members as this is a feature of reward, not competition. Please note that you are asked not to post about your balance in WI bucks as well.

What about lil kinz, do they get bucks? All users start with a small balance & by participating in features around WI they can earn more! Just like you and I .

What about younger members? Younger members can gain bucks by visits to their profile, by visiting and participating in popular thread (or by creating a popular thread) among other things. There is no "one way" to get Bucks!

Why do I already have xxxx WI Bucks? When the system "kicked in" it took into account all the reputation given/received, posts, threads, etc. And rewarded everyone an amount based upon it's findings. What a neat surprise!

When should I gift someone with WI bucks? Gifting WI bucks is no longer available.

What is a WI subscription? The WI subscription previously could be purchased monthly by WI bucks. Unfortunately the programmer who developed the system abandoned it in late 2010. As it is in a broken state, this feature is no longer available.

I tried to move 10,000 but it is only moving 10, why? When you are transferring funds, make sure you remove the comma[note 5] from large sums. It will read it as 10 - 30 - 20, etc.

I Can't see "Give WI bucks" under my avatar!! help? You can't give yourself WI bucks, you will only see it underneath your friend's avatars.

Am I giving away my WI bucks? This is no longer available.

What if I want to say Thanks for the gift? Do what you feel is appropriate and follows the rules, if you are going to send a visitor message - you may want to exclude the amount they sent as they may want to keep that private.

Can we make a chart for WI bucks and the WIki? As these bucks are now used as a key component to our Free Code Giveaway, it would not be appropriate to publish a details on how to acquire WI bucks in the fastest way possible. Please do not post estimates on the forum or the correct formula, this is cheating.

I am often busy on just one thread -- as I enjoy it and help keep things going there, will I get bucks? Yes, as people post on your thread or you post on a thread it will award WI Bucks.

I can't figure out how to deposit ____ exactly![9] I found a very easy way to figure out how to actually make your 5000 be 5000 in savings. When ever you want 5000 in your savings you have to actually give up an extra 2% to cancel this out. The math is actually quite simple. You just take the amount you want to put into your account and divide it by 0.98 (or 98%) For example: I want to put 1000 exactly into savings so i do the following to figure out what money to actually put into the amount line: 1000/0.98=1020

So if I want to have 1000 in saving I should actually put 1020 into the amount line.

Do I have to wait awhile to make a profit in savings?[10] Yes, it appears you have to leave savings in for 2 months (60 days aprox.) to make a significant profit with the fee applied.

Do different sections award more WI bucks? All sections award the same amount of bucks - the amount you receive for posting would be influenced by the length of your post & user group.

I can't give a new member WI bucks! Lil kinz can not use WI bucks & need to post 10 times to gain access to the system as a webkinz. Gifting is not available for any member.


  1. A user group is the rank of members you belong to. For example a "moderator" is a user group, or "gifted" member.
  2. This is based on your user group
  3. Please note: Loans are not available right now
  4. This is how you earn extra by leaving your bucks in the bank
  5. This is a comma ","


  2. As of Septemeber 2010 this feature is no longer available, due to the programmer no longer updating it.
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  4. Thanks to Ilovemom619 for the information!
  7. Thanks to ClaraZ25
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  10. Thanks to peacock noodle for finding the error