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WI Badges

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You may notice some members have special WI Postbit Badges. These appear when they post and are located near their Giftz and Reputation. Here is a guide showing you what they all look like, what ones are retired and why they are awarded.

Name Badge Status More Information
In Memory Of File:In memory of.png Retired Awarded to members who participated in WI's donation program for Philip
Charter Donor File:Charter Donor.png Retired Awarded to members who participated in WI's original donation program.
Level 1 Supporter File:1 supporter.png Active Awarded to "Level 1" donators to WI.
Level 2 Supporter File:2 supporter.png Active Awarded to "Level 2" donators to WI.
Level 3 Supporter File:3 supporter.png Active Awarded to "Level 3" donators to WI.
Top Level Supporter File:Final supporter.png Active Awarded to "Top Level" donators to WI.
Insider Insider File:Insider.png Active Awarded to members of WI's Insider Insider premium subscription.[1]
Wiki Sysop File:Postbit-wiki-staff.png Active Awarded to WIki SysOps who manage our beloved WIki.
WI Gift Coach postbit-gc.png Active Given to our wonderful Gift Coaches.


  1. The Insider Insider Premium Subscription can be bought using real money. WI Bucks are currently not available.