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Visiting SantaKinz 2009

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Santakinz Clubhouse Room Icon

Visiting Santakinz was a new feature in Webkinz World on Dec. 1st, 2009. You could find Santakinz in the Clubhouse inside the "Santakinz Room" from December 1st to 24th.

Selecting a Gift

Pets were able to visit Santakinz in his room in the Clubhouse from December 1st to the 24th. To get a pet to talk to Santakinz, you had to click on Santakinz, and then your pet would get in line on the carpet (or if there are no pets in line your pet will go directly to Santakinz). Once your pet is in line, it was importnant not click on Santakinz again. If you did, your pet would be moved to the back of the line.

Every Webkinz had to wait his/her turn, and each pet had a limited time to visit with Santakinz. To reduce your wait time, don't pick a busy room.

Santakinz would say one of the following things to you: What would you like for Christmas? Ho-Ho-Ho Hello there! And what can Santakinz do for you this Christmas? Have you been a good pet this year? I think I’ve seen you on my “nice” list. Tell Santakinz your Christmas wish.

Webkinz sitting on Santakinz' lap could tell Santakinz they'd like one of the following gifts for Christmas:


Polar Plunge Holiday Snowglobe

Ms. Birdy Holiday Plush

Tabletop Christmas Tree

After selecting which gift you would have liked to receive on Christmas, you would receive a Christmas Wish Candy Cane. Members still had to log on to Webkinz World on Christmas Day to receive their gift.


When you leave, Santakinz would say one of the the following things:

"Have a merry Christmas!"

"Happy holidays to you!"

"Who’s next?"


"Don’t forget my milk and cookies on Christmas eve!"

"Who has another wish for Santakinz?"

If you visited SantaKinz but choose not to pick your gift, then you could come back any time before Christmas and visit him again to choose your gift.

If you chose not to pick your gift right then Santakinz would say: "Having Trouble Deciding What to Wish For? Don’t worry, just make sure you come back and see me again sometime before the end of Christmas eve, otherwise I’ll have to choose for you! Bye now"

If you like taking pictures of your Webkinz sitting on Santakinz' lap, DO NOT CHOOSE YOUR GIFT. You can get multiple pictures with SantaKinz if you sit on his lap and don't choose a gift. But once you choose a gift, you can no longer take your Webkinz to visit Santakinz.

Just make sure to go back and choose your gift before Christmas.

Picture with Santakinz

The next time you log on to Webkinz World after telling Santakinz what you want for Christmas, you'll get mail via KinzPost from "Santakinz' helper". It's a picture of your pet with Santakinz. So make sure your favorite pet is the one who finally talks to Santakinz.


Didn't get to take a picture of your favorite pet with Santakinz? You're in luck. Just check out our Gallery of Santakinz Pictures.