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Visit Zums (Zumbuddies)

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To learn more about Zumbuddies, please click here: Zumbuddies.


Visit Zums

When you enter Zumwhere and click Visit Zums this is where you can visit and take care of your Zumbuddies. You can visit your Buddies as often as you like. To enter this section of Zumwhere, you need to buy a Zumbuddy from a store and enter the code in the code shop.

List of Zumbuddies

The following Zumbuddy Plushies have been sold by Ganz:

Series 1:

  • Zalo Tricky Zum
  • Zana Peeking Zum
  • Zed Zippy Zum
  • Zlock Lazy Zum
  • Zool Giggly Zum
  • Zoola Bratty Zum
  • Zreth Giggly Zum

Series 2:

  • Zype Tricky Zum
  • Zip Peeking Zum
  • Zoro Zippy Zum
  • Zane Lazy Zum
  • Zuzu Giggly Zum
  • Zami Bratty Zum

eStore Series:

  • Zike Sweet Zum
  • Zilma Sweet Zum
  • Zorbo Sweet Zum
  • Zofia Sweet Zum

What can I do when I visit my Zums?

While you are visiting your Zums you can tickle them, buy and feed them food, and buy and give them toys to play with. All 3 of these raise their happiness level. Do not tickle your Zum more than 4 times in a row or they will get upset and their happiness will drop. You may retickle them after they eat or play with a toy. They will do many actions including flying, dancing, sleeping, sitting, giggling, eating, and crying.

The Buddy will let you know when it wants something by showing a symbol over its head. It may show a specific item or a general item. The general item symbols are a knife and fork for food and a group of toys for a toy. You may offer the Zum any food or toy when these symbols show. If it shows a specific food or toy you must give it that exact item. Since you don't know what exactly it will ask for you need to keep your zumdock filled with multiples of each item. I suggest keeping at least 3 of each item for each Buddy you have in the room. Drag the item from your dock and place it directly on the Buddy asking for it. You may place the item directly 1 block in front of the Buddy (this is helpful is there are 2 in one block)but you run the risk of another Buddy coming over and getting it from them. The other symbols you'll see are mood symbols. These just show how the Zum is feeling. There are a smiling face, a bratty face, a pink heart, a music note, and a sleeping face. When there is more than 1 Buddy in the room you will also see dual faces, a surprised face, a winking face, and a question mark. This is showing them communicating with each other. There are several "no-no" symbols; a no symbol (circle with a line through it) which means you gave it the wrong thing, a sad or crying symbol which means you didn't do what it wanted, and a sour face which means it is upset. Do not tickle the Zum after seeing these symbols or your happiness level will drop alot.

It is possible to watch them play together if you have more than 1 Buddy by offering them a multi-zum toy. The toys they can share are the Pie in the Sky (frisbee), Zooming Truck, Soccer Ball, and Rainbow Sprayer. They may not play together everytime but eventually they will when offered these items.

Zummies are the money of Zumwhere. Zummies can be used to buy furniture and decorations for your Zum's room and prizes for your Webkinz World rooms. The Zums will award you with zummies after you give them food and toys several times. You also get zummies when your Zums have a party.

How do I move my Zums to different rooms?

To move your Zums to different rooms click on the magnifying glass. You can use the magnifying glass to click on the zum you want to move. Inside of the magnified version of your zum is a "Move Zum" option. Click this and choose the room you want the Zum to go to.

How do I take care of my Zums?

You can take care of your Zums by giving them food to eat and toys to play with. They seem to be happier when there is furniture in the room. They may sit or sleep on the furniture by themselves or you can click on the Buddy and then double click on the furniture item to make them go to it. They will not go everytime but it does work.[1]

How to get your Zums to have a party

As you take care of your Zums, their happiness will increase. When one or more Zum reaches 100% happiness, you can click to allow them to have a party. You increase their happiness when you tickle them, feed them and give them toys to play with, or have them sleep or sit down for a rest. If you have more than one Zum you can get them to have parties together by having them in the same room. All Buddies must reach 100% for the party to happen. The more Zums involved in the party the more zummies you'll earn. You'll know it is a party by seeing balloons, confetti, and symbols above your Buddies showing a happy face wearing a party hat, and they will dance to music. You must click on the balloons quickly or they will disappear. You can only pop two balloons for each Zum that is having the party.

Those Zums that were at 100% happiness when the party began will drop to zero after the party. Any Zums who were not at 100% happiness before the party will stay at their happiness level until you begin taking care of them again.

Z shop

The Z shop is a catalog shop in Zumwhere where you can purchase items. You can get food and toys with your kinzcash to care for your Buddies. You can buy furniture and decorations for your Zumbuddy's room with Zummies you earn in the "Visit Zums" section of Zumwhere. In the Prizes section, you can also buy items that go in your regular Webkinz World dock and your regular Webkinz World home. Visit the (WIGEV) Zumwhere & Zumbuddies for more information on items you can purchase for your regular Webkinz World rooms.

> Click HERE to view pictures of regular Webkinz World Z shop items.

The Zummies you collect in the "Visit Zums" area can only be used in the Z-Shop and can not be used in the Zumthings Catalog in the Zum Sighting section.

You can see how many "Visit Zums" Zummies you have by looking in the lower left hand corner of the screen while you are babysitting your Zums.

Note: Currently there is a glitch with the Webkinz Studio Zumwhere Sets. They do not seem to currently be working.