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Valentine's Day

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Gift Bags


Each year on February 14th, players logging on to Webkinz World receive a special holiday gift. These gifts typically include an Object and two holiday Foods. They started awarding Valentine's Gifts in 2007.

Click HERE to see pictures of all of the Valentine Gift Bags and their items.

Valentine Cards

Ganz sends every account in Webkinz World a special Valentine Card. These messages all arrive on Valentine's Day and you can see your card by accessing your Kinzpost Mailbox.

> Click HERE to view Valentine Cards from previous years.

Valentine Bouquets

Main Article: Valentine Bouquet 2011

A new Valentine feature was added to Webkinz World in 2011. From February 7th to February 14th, players searched for Cinnamon the Hamster in Kinzville Park. Cinnamon gave out one rose, each a different color, in a vase each day. Players collecting all the roses at the Kinzville Park and also collecting a red rose from the Webkinz Newz site received the grand prize bouquet.

Pictures of these items can be found in the (Picture Gallery) Kinzville Park.

Valentine Bouquets did not reappear in 2012.

Seasonal wShop


There have been only a few seasonal items for Valentine's day in the wShop. The first was the Cinnamon Hearts. The Cinnamon Hearts were sold in the wShop in February 2007 and 2008, but not in 2009. The Cinnamon Hearts have also been included in the Valentine Gift Bags for 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010.

Valentinesdayhousepartypack.png Valentinesdaypartyroompack.png

In February 2011, Ganz added a Valentine's Day House Party Pack and a Clubhouse Party Pack.

Seasonal eStore Items

→ Valentine's Day eStore Items

Seasonal Webkinz

HM131.png HM144.png HM343.png HM394.png HM386.png File:Eluvantavatar.png

In 2007, Ganz introduced the Love Puppy as a seasonal Webkinz for Valentine's day. The Love Puppy was officially retired, and has not been re-released for sale.

In 2008, Ganz introduced the Love Frog. In 2008 there was some speculation that Ganz might also be releasing a Love Kitten, but this turned out not to be true (see below).

In 2009, Ganz introduced the Love Monkey. The Love Frog also returned for another year.

In 2010, Ganz introduced the Love Lion. Both the Love Frog and the Love Monkey returned for another year.

Also in 2010, the Love Lion was officially retired.

In 2011, Ganz introduced the Love Spaniel. Both the Love Frog and the Love Monkey returned for another year.

In 2012 Ganz introduced the Eluvant. Both the Love Frog and the Love Monkey returned for another year.

Lovelylovekittenavatar.png Lovelyleopardavatar.png Lovelyfoxavatar.png File:Lovegiraffeavatar.png

In 2014, Ganz introduced the Lovely Love Kitten.

In 2015, Ganz introduced the Lovely Leopard.

In 2016, Ganz introduced the Lovely Fox.

In 2017, Ganz introduced the Love Giraffe.

In 2018, Ganz introduced the Lovestruck Panda.

HM917.png HM903.png HM994.png File:Sweetheartmonsteravatar.png

In 2009, Ganz introduced the Love Dino. The Love Dino is a virtual-only Webkinz that can only be purchased at the Ganz eStore during the Valentine season.

In 2010, the Love Dino returned, but it returned only for customers with Deluxe Membership. The Love Kitten was first released in February 2010, to all customers.

In 2012, Ganz introduced the Sweetheart Monster. The Sweetheart Monster is an estore pet sold during the Valentine season.

File:Lovelypandaavatar.png File:Roselionavatar.png Sweetheartfoxavatar.png Sweetheartchipmunkavatar.png File:Lovelybutterflyavatar.png

In 2013, Ganz introduced the Lovely Panda. The Lovely Panda was an exclusive eStore pet sold in February 2013.

In 2014, Ganz introduced the Rose Lion. The Rose Lion was an exclusive eStore pet sold in February 2014.

In 2015, Ganz introduced the Sweetheart Fox. The Sweetheart Fox was an exclusive eStore pet sold in February 2015.

In 2016, Ganz introduced the Sweetheart Chipmunk. The Sweetheart Chipmunk was an exclusive eStore pet sold in February 2016.

In 2017, Ganz introduced the Lovely Butterfly. The Lovely Butterfly was an exclusive eStore pet sold in February 2017.

In 2018, Ganz introduced the Sweetheart Whale. The Sweetheart Whale was an exclusive eStore pet sold in February 2018.

History of the Love Kitten


The rumors of a Love Kitten date back to February 2008 when a picture of a cat covered in hearts (shown above) appeared in Quizzy's Calendar.[1] There was lots of speculation by Webkinz players on what this picture might mean, but none of it was confirmed by Ganz.

Then, due to a glitch with the Ganz eStore, for a few hours on June 4th, 2008, several items were made visible that were not supposed to be offered for sale. One of those items was a Love Kitten that was marked "Out of Stock" and could not be purchased. Ganz quickly fixed the glitch, but not before word had spread through the online Webkinz community.[2][3]

Shortly after correcting the glitch, Ganz contacted Webkinz Insider to request that the front page story showing pictures of the items be removed. Ganz also asked WI to "make it clear that those items are not available, will not be available soon, and may never be available."[4]

In 2010, two years after the Love Kitten first appeared in Quizzy's Calendar, Ganz finally offered it for sale in the Ganz eStore.



For 2010, Ganz released a Love Frog KinzKlip. The KinzKlip came as a package deal attached to a Webkinz Love Frog. Like all other KinzKlips, this item's feature code gives players access to Zumwhere.

In 2011, Ganz released a Mazin' Hamster named "Cinnamon" and a Love Puppy KinzKlip.

My Page Badge


On Valentine's Day 2009 a new MyPage badge was introduced to Webkinz World. To receive this badge, players had to send a KinzPost note on February 14th with a heart-shaped sticker on the message.[5]



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