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Vacation Island

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How to go on Vacation

Prior to October 2012, all members could purchase a ticket to Vacation Island for 500 KinzCash through the Travel Agency. The Vacation ticket could be purchased in advance and would be held for you in your Ticket Holder, at the Travel Agency, until you were ready to use it. If you had a Deluxe membership account, one vacation ticket per month was automatically added to your Ticket Holder. When you were ready to go on Vacation, you could visit the Travel Agency, click on your Ticket Holder (a blue book with the words "My Tickets") and click on your vacation ticket. Vacations lasted 24 hours from the time you first used your ticket. During those 24 hours you could go to and from Vacation Island as many times as you'd like by returning to the Travel Agency and clicking on your ticket. Your Ticket Holder also showed you how much time remained before your 24 hour vacation was over. You could also use more than one ticket per day.

In October 2012, Ganz changed access to Vacation Island to Deluxe only. Now Deluxe members can go to Vacation Island each day without paying for a ticket. The Travel Agency no longer exists. All saved tickets from prior to the change over were lost by all members. Ganz also moved the spa to inside Vacation Island, so it is also no longer available to regular members. The Vacation Island can be placed on the Map of Kinzville.

Coral Cove

Main Article: Coral Cove

Coral Cove is the Clubhouse of Vacation Island. There is a KinzChat Plus and regular KinzChat version, and there are raffles and parties occasionally. There is only one room per color zone.


Parties happen at least once in each zone in the Coral Cove each 24 hours. When you first arrive you're awarded a recipe food door prize. You will know if you entered a room with a party because instead of the normal loading screen, there is a picture of balloons and the words "party starting." Parties are a lot of fun, especially when you're there with your Webkinz friends! And you don't want to miss the famous line-ups. For tracking parties and chatting during parties, follow the link to Canonymous' Party Time thread on the WI Forum.


Party rooms at Coral Cove have raffles where you can win prizes. During a party, Raffles happen at :05, :11, :17, :23, :29, :35, :41, and :47 minutes past the hour.

If you are in the party room during the time of a raffle, you are automatically entered into a random drawing. If you win the raffle, you win a prize.

Vacation Wheel

The Vacation Wheel can be spun once during a vacation. There are eight prizes you can win:

  • 50 KinzCash
  • 500 KinzCash
  • Beach Blanket
  • Conch Shell
  • Jar of Sand
  • Inflatable Palm Tree
  • Random KinzCash
  • Random Recipe Food
  • Tiki Torch (Removed)
  • Umbrella Hat (Removed)

File:Vacation wheel.PNG

Souvenir Shack

Main Article: Souvenir Shack

Everyday, Sheldon the turtle sells souvenirs at his shop. You are only allowed to choose 3 souvenirs each vacation. His stock changes every day during maintenance. If you check Sheldon's Shack in the evening, then again in the morning, your choices may be different. The souvenirs Sheldon offers are different for each person. Different people will see different Souvenirs, even in the same day. You can only get these certain prizes from the Souvenir Shack.

For a list of items that are sold at the Souvenir Shack see the Souvenir Shack page.

File:Souviner shack.PNG

Don't Rock the Boat

Main Article: Don't Rock the Boat

To play this game you have to click the button titled Rock The Boat! If the boat rocks, and a ghost appears, your pet will lose all of its happiness. If you don't see a ghost, you will win some prizes. If you collect all four pieces of the treasure map, you'll get the grand prize set.

File:Rock the boat.PNG

Vacation Post Office

You can go to the Post Office and send post cards with stamps to your friends. Most postcards cost 25 Kinzcash to send to your friends.

(NOTE: The post cards do not have official names.)

Preview Name Cost
File:Pirate Cat.PNG Poodle and Cat 25 KC
File:Hippo Post.PNG Hippo 25 KC
File:Panda.PNG Beach Panda 25 KC
File:Pirate.PNG Pug Pirate 25 KC
File:Vacation Wheel.PNG Vacation Wheel 25 KC
File:Boat.PNG Pirate Ship 25 KC

Treasures of the Crystal Sea

Main Article: Treasures of the Crystal Sea

Treasures of the Crystal Sea is a minigame in which your pet is in a submarine trying to return lost items that you pick up along the way. There are dangers, such as jellyfish and pufferfish, that can damage the sub. This could be cause to the game ending. There are also pearls that are placed in the maze along the way, that give you extra points. If you lose all your "health," you'll have to return to the surface, ending the game.

File:Treasures of the sea.PNG