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Unicorn Item Collection

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HM069.png HM788.png

Picture Name Item Type Exchange Value
5114-1.png Carnival Carousel POTM Exclusive (WIGEV) Exclusive Items
1571-1.png Crown's Lineage Coat of Arms Rare Item (WIGEV) Rare Items
1208-1.png DiceKinz Unicorn PetPack wShop Item (WIGEV) W Shop & PJ's Outlet Items
File:Unicornpsi.png Magical Meadow Bed Unicorn Pet Specific Item (WIGEV) Pet Specific Items
1591-1.png Medieval Chest Rare Item (WIGEV) Rare Items
1580-1.png Medieval Trophy Pedestal Curio Shop (WIGEV) Curio Shop Only Items
1568-1.png Medieval Unicorn Tapestry Webkinz Newz (WIGEV) Click-to-Win Items
2061-1.png Mermaid Sand Sculpture wShop (WIGEV) W Shop & PJ's Outlet Items
5654-1.png Once Upon a Time Dresser Ribbon Unicorn PSI (WIGEV) Pet Specific Items
1584-1.png Queen's Throne Rare Item (WIGEV) Rare Items
1258-1.png Webkinz Day Year One Print Webkinz Day Gift (WIGEV) Holiday Gift Bags

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