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Tunneling Twigzy

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This page is a work in progress.

Tunneling Twigzy is part puzzle game and part action game, requiring both quick fingers and a quick mind. As courageous Twigzy the Caterpillar, players must dig through a tree trunk to reach the ultimate party pad located towards the bottom of the trunk. While digging downwards, players must also move left and right to avoid the falling debris that tumbles down behind them as they move down the tree.


Planning a route and dodging the tough brown blocks is the key to success. When you dig through a colored block that is connected to many of the same colored blocks, all of the like-colored blocks are destroyed. Use this to your advantage as you move down through the tree by paying attention to large clumps of like-colored blocks and changing your dig path to move through the clumps. Not only will this speed up your progress most of the time, it will also award bonus points!



The object of this game is to get Twigzy home at the trunk of the tree


The controls are the up arrow, the down arrow, the left arrow, the right arrow, and the space bar

Trophy, Badges, and Tagline


Can be won by completing the game.

File:twigbadge1.png - Total Clearance, obtained by getting all the power blocks in any level

FIle:twigbadge2.png - Efficiency Expert, obtained by getting efficiency bonuses at the end of every level until the end of the game



  • If you go straight down, only moving horizontally to avoid a brown block or pick up an energy block, you're less likely to get squashed by falling blocks.

High Scoring

According to the the WI High Score Board, the highest score achieved by a WebkinzInsider member in Tunneling Twigzy is 28,035 by member janna479.