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Treetop Theme

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Theme History

The Treetop Theme was introduced to the wShop in July 2009. The items in this theme can only be placed in treetop rooms. In order to purchase a treetop room, you must have a flying pet. If one of your first ten pets adopted on your account is a flying pet, you automatically get a treetop room instead of the usual medium sized room. To see a full list of the flying pets click: Webkinz Birds and Flying Pets

Theme Preview


Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type Cost
File:airaltitudefridge.png Air Altitude Fridge wShop 1100 KC
Birdsnestbed.png Bird's Nest Bed eStore 9000 eStore Points (Regular)

7000 eStore Points (Deluxe)

File:branchlight.png Branch Light wShop 200 KC
File:canopycarpet.png Canopy Carpet wShop 385 KC
File:featheredsofa.png Fine Feathered Sofa wShop 900 KC
File:finefeatheredthrone.png Fine Feathered Throne wShop 450 KC
File:finefoliagediningtable.png Fine Foliage Dining Table wShop 800 KC
File:flyingdreamsbed.png Flying Dreams Bed wShop 1125 KC
File:highbranchdiningchair.png High Branch Dining Chair wShop 300 KC
File:precipicegrill.png Precipice Grill wShop 400 KC
File:treetrestlecoffeetable.png Tree Trestle Coffee Table wShop 450 KC
File:treetrestledresser.png Tree Trestle Dresser wShop 600 KC
File:treetrunksidetable.png Tree Trunk Side Table wShop 200 KC
File:treetopbirdperch.png Treetop Bird Perch wShop 95 KC
File:treetoptrinkestoybox.png Treetop Trinkets Toy Box wShop 375 KC
File:treetoptv.png Treetop TV wShop 900 KC

> Click HERE to view the main Room Themes page

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