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Treasure Hunt

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The Treasure Hunt is a type of contest on the Webkinz Newz where you follow clues to find a prize, added in June 2011.


How It Works

The first clue of the treasure hunt is delivered the moment a user begins the hunt. Each clue hints at a certain page, where the next clue is located. There are 5-6 clues to be found in all. Once all the clues have been found, a prize is awarded.

How to Play

To play the treasure hunt, click on the current Treasure Hunt HERE. Follow the instructions on the scroll to log in and find your treasure!


If you can't find the clue, try searching for it on the Newz Blog. If the clue says "A page about ______", it can easily be found by searching for that term on the Newz Blog.

List of Treasure Hunts

Here is a list of all the Treasure Hunts so far:

Treasure Hunt Date Prize
Breaking Newz June 10-30 2011 Breaking Newz Cocker Spaniel Figure
Friendship June 22-July 15 2011 Dear Diary Leopard Figure
Shrewd Search July 16-August 15 2011 Koala Archaeologist Figure
Road Trip August 16-September 15 2011 Road Trip Poster Prize Pack
Adventure Park August 31-September 30 2011 Mach One Turtle Figure
Back to School September 6-October 5 2011 Three Cheers Tiger Figure
Halloween October 1-October 31 2011 Hay Bales Lamp
Pink October 6-November 5 2011 Ballerina Husky Dog Figure
Walrus November 1-November 30 2011 Pop Groovin' Gorilla Figure
Thanksgiving November 6-December 5 2011 Chow Down Duck Figure
Christmas December 1-December 31 2011 Reindeer Runner Figure
Challenge December 8 2011-January 8 2012 Big Catch Bulldog Figure
Rock n Roll Treasure Hunt March 08 2012-Apr 09 2012 Rock N' Roll Beagle virtual figure
Piggy Plum Pie Treasure Hunt! March 06 2012-Apr 02 2012 Farm Time Kitchen Clock
Schnauzer Treasure Hunt! Apr 03 2012-May 02 2012 Schnauzer Album Cover
Caterpillar Treasure Hunt! Apr 10 2012-May 09 2012 Caterpillar Album Art