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Track And Field Class

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General Description

This course seems to be pretty straight forward. Using the arrow keys on your keyboard, you make your Webkinz run down the track. When your Webkinz approaches a hurdle, use the up arrow to make him/her jump over it. If you run into a hurdle, you have to start over. If you run into three hurdles, you fail the class for the day.

When you cross the finish line your Webkinz will jump and flip for joy and blow you a kiss.[1]

Track and Field Screenshot


There are three sizes of hurdles. As you move through the levels the sizes of the hurdles will get more and more challenging.



Level 5

File:action_jump.jpgWhen you complete level 5 with your first pet you will get the Jump action.

Level 10

As each pet passes level 10 you will receive one Academy Track and Field Class Gift Box From it you may choose ONE item:


(The academy track suit is newer than the other prizes and was added in June 2016.)[2]

If seven pets pass level 10 you will have enough boxes for all seven prizes.
Prizes cannot be Kinzposted or traded.

From FIA's post - KA prizes[3]


Antigonus has written a great guide to Hurdles that is located

If you have tips that could help others in this class please add them here!

  • Slowing your computer down seems make this class easier. Some people accomplish this by playing videos in the background. The slower the computer the better changce you have of finishing.[4]


If you know of any common problems with this class post them here

  • It is difficult to pass upper levels with a fast computer