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Topiary Collection

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Topiaries are plants that have been pruned into particular shapes. Webkinz World has a number of these decorative plants to use in your outdoor rooms.

Picture Name Item Type
1675-1.png Circle of Friends Topiary Exclusive
Divingdolphintopiary.png Diving Dolphin Topiary E-store Item
2283-1.png Fairy Topiary Fairy Falls Item
File:Familytogethertopiary.png Family Together Topiary E-store
Greyowltopiary.png Grey Owl Topiary E-store Item
Hamstergardentopiary.png Hamster Garden Topiary Hamster Challenge
4085-1.png Hedgy Hedgehog Hedgehog PSI
588-1.png Hippo Topiary W-Shop
Liontopiary.png Lion Topiary Exclusive
Lovetopiary.png Love Topiary Webkinz Newz
8095-1.png Playful Pup Topiary Earth Pup PSI
Rosydolphintopiary.png Rosy Dolphin Topiary Ganz eStore
3851-1.png Spiral Pink Roses Pink and White Dog PSI
3070-1.png Topiary of Clubs Series 2 Trading Cards
3069-1.png Topiary of Diamonds Series 2 Trading Cards
3068-1.png Topiary of Hearts Series 2 Trading Cards
3071-1.png Topiary of Spades Series 2 Trading Cards
Turkeytopiary.png Turkey Topiary Ganz eStore
Wandsparkletree.png Wand Sparkle Tree Woodland Wonders
Zumtopiary.png Zum Topiary Tricky Zums Prize

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