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Token Balloon Dartz

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Token Balloon Darts is an hourly event. It is very similar to Balloon Dartz, but it has different prizes, and the power gauge goes faster. It is hosted by Amanda Panda who also runs the Wish Factory and Wheel of Wishes.

How To Play

There is a power gauge that moves back and forth. There is very low power, going up to very high power. When you have the desired power, you need to click the screen where you want it to go. If you hit a balloon, it will pop and a prize may come out.


  • The power gauge goes much faster on Token BD than regular BD. You need to time accordingly.
  • It is helpful if your mouse is on the balloon you are trying to click.


  • Ms. Birdy Plush (W-Shop)
  • Tabby V. Meow Plush (W-Shop)
  • Wish Token
  • Two Wish Tokens
  • PJ Collie Plush
  • Kinzcash