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The Smurfs - Clumsy's Central Park Dash

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In this game, you are an individual Smurf named Clumsy, who faces obstacles such as by-standing rocks and cliffs while trying to collect Smurfberries. There is no limit to the number of levels in the game.



To access the game, visit THIS LINK or click one of the ads on the Webkinz World homepage. Currently the game is only available for players residing in the USA or Canada.

Ganz originally stated that the game was only open to members residing in the USA but many Canadian residents have been able to access the game and win prizes using the direct link.



American residents can access the game by clicking on the ad in Webkinz World. The ad often shows up in the newspaper section.

Instructions and Tips


What each Slide Says:

1. Prizes or kinzcash awarded for the two first successful games.

2. Help Clumsy get through the park to find his fellow Smurfs. Using the space bar, leap from path to path and back again.

3. Press the spacebar twice to double jump.

4. Hold down the spacebar to jump longer and farther.

5. Grab Smurfberries for bonus points.

Object and Scoring

The object of the game is to get as far through the park as you can without touching the ground or hitting an obstacle. Points are awarded for distance traveled without hitting an obstacle and for collecting Smurfberries.

Prizes are awarded for the first two games played. Usually a Smurf prize is awarded for the first game and 25 KC is warded for the second game.


The Space bar is a main control in the game. The uses are below:

Action Effect Seconds in Air
Press the Space Bar Once Jump Two
Press the Space Bar Twice Double Jump Four
Press the Space Bar and Hold it down Longer and Farther Jump Two
Press the Space Bar Twice and Hold it down Double Jump and Stay Long in the Air Five/Six


Smurfberries are purple berries you collect to earn bonus points. They usually add around 10-50 points to your score. Image:Ri6iB.png

  • Smurfberries usually add around 10-50 points to your score.
  • When you touch a berry it will turn white and disappear.
  • As you progress, Smurfberries become harder to get. They will be on ledges, against rocks and in other places that are difficult to see.


There are many challenges you need to face in the game. Some are included below.

Picture # Challenge How to avoid Effect
Picture One Red Substance/Cliff Jump across Fall down/Start Again
Picture Two Tree You cannot avoid Cannot see
Picture Three Lamp Post You cannot avoid Cannot see
Picture Four Rock Jump over Fall Down/Start Again
Picture Not Included Low Land Jump Over Fall Down/Start Again


The following prizes can be won after playing the game. In addition to these prizes, KinzCash can also be won. Each Webkinz account may only win two prizes per day.

Blonde Floppy Hat
Jokey Gift
Red Floppy Hat
White Floppy Hat
  • The Blonde Floppy Hat, Red Floppy Hat, and White Floppy Hat can be worn by your pet and put into storage.
  • The Jokey Gift is an item. It is animated item, where the light on top sparks.
  • All items can be kinzpostable, sold, or traded.
  • See the WIGEV for the value of these items.

Extra Hints

  • The farther you get in the game, the faster the landscape goes by.
  • Clumsy will fall down if he runs into a rock, but he can land on them and continue running unharmed.
  • When you can't see the other side of what you are jumping to, hold on to the space bar until it's time to land.
  • Try not to stay in the air for longer than you have to, because you never know when you'll need to jump again across a long distance.

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