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The Smarty Pants Storybook

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Basic Info


"Goober wasn't always such a smarty pants, find out the story of Webkinz World's greatest scientist."

This book sells in the wShop for 75 KinzCash.


The following characters are mentioned in the story: Harold J. "Goober" Hausenfeffer Jr., Arte Fact, Leonardo de Vinyl, Bart Bifmabob, Gerald "Booger" Hausenfeffer, and Gus.

Book Pages

Content removed by request from Ganz.

Trading Card

This story was featured on a Webkinz Trading Card.


"At home, while puttering around in the garage, Goober got inspired with so many ideas. What started out as fixing a flat tire on his bike ended up turning an old ceiling fan into a pedal propelled bicyclopter. Goober's little brother was amazed at the sight of Goober flying around the treetops. Back on the ground, Goober bragged how he would no longer have to take the bus every morning."

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