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Television in Webkinz World

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To watch TV in Webkinz World, you must either purchase one at the W-Shop or the eStore, or you can go over to someone's house in Webkinz that owns a TV. To watch TV, just click on the television in the room, and a TV screen will appear on your screen.


Types of TVs in Webkinz World

>> List of Televisions in Webkinz World

Using Your TV

To use your TV, simply click on it and it will bring up your TV remote. Just choose one of the channels (listed below) and a screen will pop up playing the show you selected.



There are four channels you can watch.

The Secret Chef

The Secret Chef is a show hosted by Chef Gazpacho. This show shows Chef Gazpacho making secret recipes. Sometimes he will reveal all 3 ingredients of a recipe, but other times you must figure out the third ingredient.

Monkey & Monkey Show

Monkey & Monkey Show is a comedic ventriloquist show. It's hosted by a monkey and a dummy monkey. It features Monkey & Monkey making jokes and puns. The show lasts for about a minute before a cane comes in from the side and takes them off the screen.

Winners' Shows

Shows Webkinz Studio productions which have won contests. It is not updated anymore, so the same productions will show over and over again.


This button will randomly select one of the other three shows for you to watch.