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Would it be difficult to have an incomplete wshop section that is created simply by making a single page with all the room theme items put together in one spot? I realize that it would be incomplete because some wshop items are not a part of a theme but it is a quick and dirty way to get the wshop item pictures into the picture gallery. Thanks for considering. I'm not expecting a quick response - I know how very busy everyone is.--Curiousg 23:17, 6 September 2010 (EDT)


It would be very helpful if you could list the item’s dimensions (not to be confused with image dimension) in the item’s detailed information page. For example 2x2, etc. It is nice to know what you get before you buy it. Sometimes an item looks big in the image but in reality it is very small. The most useful information is of course a preview of the item where it can be seen in relationships to other items in the room, similar to the w-shop preview. Given it is a lot of work it would be nice to get at least the item’s dimensions eStore style. And thank you for all your hard work.