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Talk:Webkinz Insider Forum Rules

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Would it make sense to add the 5 big rules here too at the top as the first thing people see on this locked page? I am referring to the 5 rules at the following link:

Would it make sense to add the Webkinz World Rules on a locked page somewhere? (It could be divided: one section for the "User Code of Conduct" and one for clubhouse rules - or a link to the clubhouse section in the wiki & add the clubhouse rules to the clubhouse section).

The Parents Area of webkinz actually has a fairly clear statement of the clubhouse rules. And it is in the Parent's Area of WW that you find a statement that the following is against the rules: "Discussing instant messenger, other social or personal website addresses, webcams etc. " which would relate to wi and which might be one reason to include that information in the wiki.

--Curiousg 09:23, 24 August 2010 (EDT)