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Talk:Trick or Treat 2009

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-New Ghost Pattern Oct 31 -

Ghost is appearing every 10 min - at 01, 11, 21 etc in gold, pink and dark blue and at 08, 18, 28 etc in yellow, light blue and green.

The ghost is still rotating between chef, collector and reading rooms so the schedule looks like this now:

chef:01 pink (gold and dk blue) collector:08 yellow (lt blue and green) reading:11 pink (gold and dk blue) chef :18 yellow (lt blue and green) collector:21 pink (gold and dk blue) reading:28 yellow (lt blue and green) chef:31 pink (gold and dk blue) collector:38 yellow (lt blue and green) reading:41 pink (gold and dk blue) chef:48 yellow (lt blue and green) collector:51 pink (gold and dk blue) reading:58 yellow (lt blue and green)

Observations of WI members

Ok, I think I have found a pattern, but I don't have it completely yet. On the other hand, I have found 9 ghosts in 80 minutes and all 7 of my accounts were finished in a matter of an hour for this round and I now have a 3 hour break!I've just been continuing to leve rooms open so I can continue my experiment while I do my dailies. In the middle of the night, we night owls had a theory we started, first proposed by member Webkinzaddict, which I have been working on and have REAL results! For the last 80 minutes, I have been able to correctly predict the color and the type of room, but not the room number where the ghost will show up. I have had up to 7 windows at a time looking, which is how I could figure out I got the color and type of room right, but not the number...

Now, the thing that is tough about this, is that everyone has to figure out their own pattern for their own server/computer. I can't just tell you what room and what color he will show up, but I can tell you how I do it. The reason for this is that I believe Ganz is running multiple ghosts on what I will term different tracks, and each individual may have a ghost on a different track. So once I found one ghost, I was able to predict the rest for my computer.

It is all based on the premise that the ghost comes to your computer in roughly a 20 minute cycle. In reality I have found it to be 19-21 minutes. So once you found your first ghost, you know it will be 19-20 minutes before it will show up again. (Ie time for potty breaks!!!!)

Then STICK with the color you were in

Then Look at this list:

party room

games room

go fish room

collector room

girls rule room

sports room

exercise room

reading room

garden yard

bowling alley

trading room

super chef room

Pick the type of room that is the 4th one down form the room you were just in, so if you were in the party room, the 4th one down is girl's rule

If you were in games, move to sports

if you were in go fish, move to exercise

If you were in collector go to reading room

If you were in girl's rule, go to garden

If you were in sports, go to bowling alley

If you were in exercise, go to trading room

If you were in reading, go to super chef

If you were in garden, go to party

if you were in bowling alley , go to games

If you were in trading, go to go fish

If you were in super chef, go to collector UNLESS Doug is in the room, then go to Girl's rule

make sure you are in the room at least 5 minutes before the predicted time he will return

UNFORTUNATELY, he doesn't always show up in all the room numbers of the tyupe of room and color. On my tests, he shows up in about half the rooms I am in of a certian type and color.

But, I figure, this is better than random, and I finished all 7 accounts in around an hour.

If you need a starting place, find an exact time and type room someone else posted and you may be able to find the same track if you are on the same server

Since typing , I have hit ghosts 10 and 11

There is real computer logic behind this which is why I think it is working which I won't bore people with here.


The Ghost is in the Clubhouse, both Kinzchat and Kinzchat Plus, any zone, any room!

  • 1. The ghost originally showed up every 20 min at 12:00, 12:20, 12:40 etc. BUT NOT today ~ times are varied!
  • 2. You had to be in the room PRIOR to the ghost showing up. Pick a room and stay for at least 10-30 min then try switching rooms. Also, make sure your WW clock is the current time, or log out and back in again.
  • 3. Two people could be in the same room when a ghost appeared and one might not see it.
  • 4. No one ever was able to go to a reported room after the ghost appeared and find it.
  • 5. When he appears, you hear a spooky boo sound.
  • 6. After you click on him and it says what you get, your browser freezes but most still get their candy after restarting and logging back in. Any browser works.
  • 7. You can only get candy every 3 hours, not every hour and it's per ACCOUNT, not per PET.
  • 8. He will appear in many zones, areas, and room numbers at the same time.
  • 9. If you see people with "Trick or Treat" over their head they got something.
  • 10. If you see a pumpkin over someone's head it means they're checking their pumpkin for candy.

--Momtofaye 11:51, 24 October 2009 (EDT)

Customizing the pumpkin

Probably worth adding that you can only customize the prize pumpkin once, when someone with ops gets a chance. -- Vary 00:34, 31 October 2009 (EDT)

Done--Thank you.
Canonymous File:sysop.jpg 21:09, 31 October 2009 (EDT)

Using In-Room Interactive pumpkins

The first interactive pumpkin does not show the #10 "no nose" option. The second in room interactive pumpkin only shows 8 nose options. This is a wonderful tool that will be useful to many before Nov 2nd.