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Talk:Lily Padz 2

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A Tip for Level 4- You know that sequence of lily padz and flowers? A very simple way to get past it is this

Make sure you get on the firt mushroom, and make sure you're in the middle. Aim your power bar as low as you can, and at full power, release it. This will get you to the last lily pad, before the last flower. From there you can easily jump out to the mushrooms, and continue.

A little help

Anyone have any tips for getting past level 7? The second flower/log/flower/log sequence is killing me!!!

Answer- I have trouble on that level too. You have to basically just do it over and over, to memorize the timeing. Eventually you'll find the right timing. (Note: You have to skip some of the logs and rocks in that level...) Aaonbighugs2, 6-20 10:03 A.M.