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Talk:(Picture Gallery) Pet Special Foods & Pet Specific Items

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Pom-Pom Kitty PSF

I have uploaded a file of the real Pom-Pom Kitty PSF. I will soon put it on the page.

You aren't able to edit the Picture Gallery Pages as they are reserved for FIA to edit but I will pass this onto her. Thank you for letting us know. --ClaraZ25 file:Sysop.jpg 20:41, 20 April 2010 (EDT)

Missing Pets


  • Candy Corn Mouse
  • Celestial Unicorn
  • Polka Dot Dalmatian
  • Rainforest Frog
  • Red Peppermint Unicorn
  • Renaissance Palace Butterfly
  • Strawberry Chiffon Squirrel
  • White Peppermint Unicorn
  • Winter Solstice Stag


  • African Wild Dog, Signature
  • Butterscotch Retriever
  • Candy Googles
  • Chow Chow
  • Cookies 'n Cream Guinea Pig
  • Icy Mist Leopard
  • Lucky Dino
  • Opal Owl
  • Poofy Poodle
  • Rockabilly Rooster
  • Siamese Cat, Signature
  • Sweetheart Pup
  • White Bengal Tiger, Signature


  • Rockerz Bunny
  • Rockerz Coyote
  • Rockerz Dog
  • Rockerz Horse
  • Rockerz Leopard
  • Rockerz Poodle
  • Rockerz Raccoon
  • Rockerz Zebra