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Sweets N Treats Theme

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Theme History

The Sweets N Treats Theme was introduced to the wShop in February 2007 and retired unexpectedly into the Curio Shop on May 15, 2013.

Theme Preview


Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type Cost
1962-1.png Be Mine Heart Chair wShop 175 KC
1963-1.png Chewtastic Coffee Table wShop 350 KC
1971-1.png Dessert First Dining Table wShop 380 KC
1961-1.png Friends 4 Ever Heart Chair wShop 175 KC
1965-1.png Gingerbread TV wShop 1000 KC
1964-1.png Gumdrop Lamp wShop 125 KC
1968-1.png Ice Cream Bar Fridge wShop 700 KC
1967-1.png Pretzel Window wShop 395 KC
1966-1.png Ribbon Candy Chair wShop 250 KC
1790-1.png Sweet Dreams Bed wShop 1200 KC
1970-1.png Sweet Stuff Sofa wShop 750 KC
3150-1.png Sweets and Treats Divider wShop 250 KC
1972-1.png Sweets N Treats Flooring wShop 120 KC
1969-1.png Sweets N Treats Stove wShop 825 KC
1973-1.png Sweets N Treats Wallpaper wShop 125 KC

Trading Card

The Sweets N Treats Theme was featured on a couple of Webkinz Trading Cards:

3032-1.png 2953-1.png

"There's nothing sweeter than a room made of candy. A large bag of sweets helped to inspire us to create this delicious theme. In order to get the full candy experience, we had to sample all sorts of tasty treats, licorice ribbon, candy cinnamon hearts, cookies, and jellybeans. The theme turned out every bit as sweet as the candy itself, it looks good enough to eat."

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