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Survey Room

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The Survey Room allows you to share your opinion, socialize with friends, and watch TV. It is only available in KinzChat Plus. Every few minutes, a new survey will appear at the top of the page. The surveys are typically about Webkinz World characters, arcade games, etc. However, sometimes they are about favorite foods and other personal preferences.

Once you have voted on a survey, you can see the results. The results are based on the opinions of members in the same color zone as you, not in the same room.

Items in Room

Want to recreate this room in your house? Here are some of the items you'll need:

Quizzydiningchair.png Quizzy Dining Chair 4121-1.png Circus Spectacular Spotlight 2241-1.png Ultra Modern TV 2804-1.png Modular Sofa Corner Table 2776-1.png Modular Sofa Left Corner 2775-1.png Modular Sofa Middle 2774-1.png Modular Sofa Right Corner