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Super Hero Theme

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Theme History

The Superhero Theme was introduced to the W Shop in February 2011.

On August 7, 2013, the Super Hero Theme was retired from the wShop and moved to the Curio Shop.

Theme Preview

File:Wshop theme.jpg

Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type Cost
File:Captainwebkinzcaptainschair.png Captain Webkinz Captain's Chair Curio Shop 1755 KC
File:Capturedcriminalchamber.png Captured Criminal Chamber Rare 4925 KC
File:Cosmicenergyatom.png Cosmic Energy Atom Curio Shop 1835 KC
File:Crimefightersclock.png Crime Fighter's Clock Curio Shop 1345 KC
File:Damedashcaptianschair.png Dame Dash Captain's Chair Curio Shop 1755 KC
File:Damedashrocketbootsdisplay.png Dame Dash Rocket Boots Display Curio Shop 1835 KC
HeroMobile.png Hero Mobile Curio Shop 2995 KC
File:Infallibleidscanner.png Infallible ID Scanner Curio Shop 1795 KC
File:Infiniteinfernocaptainschair.png Infinite Inferno Captain's Chair Curio Shop 1755 KC
File:Infiniteinfernoshield.png Infinite Inferno Shield Curio Shop 1835 KC
File:Infararedlaserhelmet.png Infrared Laser Helmet Curio Shop 1835 KC
File:Lcdcrimedetector.png LCD Crime Detector Curio Shop 1875 KC
File:Robokinzguardian.png Robokinz Guardian Curio Shop 1987 KC
File:Superheroflooring.png Superhero Flooring Curio Shop 350 KC
File:Superheroholographicglobe.png Superhero Holographic Globe Curio Shop 2235 KC
File:Superherotable.png Superhero Table Curio Shop 1475 KC
File:Superherowallpaper.png Superhero Wallpaper Curio Shop 350 KC
File:Telepathytitancaptainschair.png Telepathy Titan Captain's Chair Curio Shop 1755 KC
File:Wraparoundcomputingchamber.png Wraparound Computing Chamber Curio Shop 3215 KC

Theme Clothing

Picture Name Item Type Cost
File:Captainwebkinzboots.png Captain Webkinz Boots eStore N/A
File:Captainwebkinzcostume.png Captain Webkinz Costume eStore N/A
File:Captainwebkinzhelmet.png Captain Webkinz Helmet eStore N/A
File:Damedashboots.png Dame Dash Boots eStore N/A
File:Damedashcostume.png Dame Dash Costume eStore N/A
File:Damedashmask.png Dame Dash Mask eStore N/A
File:Infiniteinfernoboots.png Infinite Inferno Boots eStore N/A
File:Infiniteinfernocostume.png Infinite Inferno Costume eStore N/A
File:Infiniteinfernohemet.png Infinite Inferno Helmet eStore N/A
File:Telephathytitanboots.png Telepathy Titan Boots eStore N/A
File:Telephathytitancostume.png Telepathy Titan Costume eStore N/A
File:Telephathytitanhelmet.png Telepathy Titan Helmet eStore N/A
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