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Super Chef Room

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Room Overview

The Super Chef Room in the Clubhouse allows you to make recipes using a Blender, Sandwich Maker, Stove, Mega Stove, and Secret Chef Stove. The Stove, Blender, Sandwich Maker, and Mega Stove are all available for your room, but the Secret Chef Stove is only available in this Clubhouse room.

Items in Room

Want to recreate this room in your house? Here are some of the items you'll need.

Picture Name Item Type
5292-1.png Cafe Playset Wallpaper wShop
3129-1.png Chic City Window wShop
Cookingmadesimplechalkboard.png Cooking Made Simple Chalkboard wShop
Deliciousstoredessertsdisplay.png Delicious Store Desserts Display wShop
Diningouttable2.png Dining Out Table Figure Item
3140-1.png Granite and Steel Counter wShop
2042-1.png Greasy Grill Rare
Justduckydishrack2.png Just Ducky Dishrack Figure Item
1029-1.png Master Grill Rare
426-1.png Rocket Ship Flooring CSO Item
Spiderplant.png Spider Plant wShop
3139-1.png Stainless Steel Clock wShop
2035-1.png V Back Stool wShop

The Super Chef Stove

The Super Chef Stove is available only in the Super Chef Room. It allows you to not only create any stove recipes with W Shop ingredients, but also to create new recipes using normal secret recipes as ingredients. The complete list of solved Super Chef Stove recipes is available in the WI Forum here.