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Sunken Ocean Liner Theme

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Theme History

The Sunken Ocean Liner Theme was introduced to the Ganz eStore in March 2011.

Theme Preview


Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type Points
FIle:1stclassmirror.png 1st Class Mirror eStore Regular 3,000

Deluxe 2,000

File:1stclassquarters.png 1st Class Quarters eStore ?
File:barnaclebench.png Barnacle Bench eStore Regular 5,000

Deluxe 4,000

FIle:boilerroomfireplace.png Boiler Room Fireplace eStore Deluxe 5,000
File:downwiththeshipscello.png Down with the Ship Cello eStore Regular 6,000

Deluxe 5,000

File:Grandstaircaseslide.png Grand Staircase Slide eStore Deluxe 6,000
File:Icebergslider.png Iceberg Slider eStore Regular 7,000

Deluxe 6,000

File:lifeboatbouncer.png Life Boat Bouncer eStore Deluxe 6,000
File:seafloorsternstorage.png Seafloor Stern Storage eStore Deluxe 6,000
FIle:shippropellerfan.png Ship Propeller Fan eStore Deluxe 4,000
FIle:sunkendininghallchair.png Sunken Dining Hall Chair eStore Regular 2,500

Deluxe 2,000

File:sunkendininghalltable.png Sunken Dining Hall Table eStore Regular 5,000

Deluxe 4,000

File:sunkendininghallwindow.png Sunken Dining Hall Window eStore Regular 4,000

Deluxe 3,000

File:Sunkendiningroomcolumn.png Sunken Dining Room Column eStore Regular 2,000

Deluxe 1,000

File:sunkenoceanlinerwallpaper.png Sunken Ocean Liner Wallpaper eStore Regular 2,000

Deluxe 1,500

FIle:sunkenshipchandelier.png Sunken Ship Chandelier eStore Deluxe 2,000

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