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Subscribe to Threads

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This page is under construction. Feel free to help out. 
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On WI along with many other sites you can subscribe to threads that you visit often. These threads are sometimes called your favorites. The software that WI uses, vBulletin, has a feature that allows members to select those special threads and be able to receive updates on those threads and also access them easier.


How do I add a Thread to my Subscriptions?

If you find a thread that you like a lot, or visit often, you can add it to list of subscribed threads to do this there are a few different methods they are outlined below.

The Thread Tools Method

One of the most common ways to subscribe to threads is by using the Thread Tools Method. The thread tools method is very easy to do. To subscribe to a thread using the thread tools method click on the Thread Tools drop down menu at the top of every thread. Image:Thread Tools 1.png After clicking on that menu a series of other options will appear below. Depending on your permissions in that forum different options will be on that list. For instance a member that is a moderator will have more options in that drop down menu than a regular menu. But every member will have an option called Subscribe to This Thread. This is the only option you have to worry about.

Image:Thread Tools 2.png

The Posting Method

You can also subscribe to threads whenever you are posting a new post in advanced mode. This method only works when you press the Reply Button reply.gif or click on advanced below the Quick Reply Window.

Whenever you go to the Advanced Posting Screen there is a section below the Posting Window called Additional Options Image:Advanced options.png

If the Additional Options window is minimized click on the little white arrow on the right side of the field to reveal it. Image:Reveal arrow.png If it is already displayed don't worry about doing this.

Under Additional Options scroll down until you see the section that says Thread Subscriptions. The fields will currently say Do Not Subscribe and Subscriptions (_ Threads). Change the first field to Subscribe and if you wish to sort your subscription into a certain folder you can do this if you choose. More information about sorting your subscriptions will be given later.

Image:Subscribed 1.png

Now whenever you post your post it will automatically be added to your Subscribed threads.

How do I View my Subscribed Threads?

Once you have added a thread to your subscribed threads you can easily view the most recent posts on that thread and other changes. It also allows you to easily find threads that you may have forgotten where about they are. As long as you have subscribed to the thread you can find it. To access your subscribed threads there are also several different methods. They are outlined below.

The User CP Method

The User CP (or User Control Panel) can be accessed from any forum page by clicking on the drop-down menu located in the top left corner under the WI banner.

Image:UserCP menu.png

From there, select Subscribed Threads to be taken to your subscriptions.

You can also access your subscriptions through any User CP page by clicking under the "Subscribed" tab. Image:Subscribed Tab.png

The Subscribed Threads Method

Subscriptions can also be viewed by clicking the "Subscribed Threads" link under the welcome in the left column of every forum page.


This link will take you to the User CP subscriptions page as described above.

Sorting Your Subscribed Threads

If you have a lot of subscriptions, you might want to create different folders to sort them into different categories so they will be easier to find.  To begin, go to your User CP and click on the "Edit Folders" button. Image:Edit Folders.png This will pull up a list of all the current categories you have for your threads and blank spaces where you can add new ones.

Image:Edit Folders List.png

Creating a New Folder

To make a new folder(s), enter up to 3 names into the empty boxes under the "Add New Folders" heading, as shown in the picture above.  When you are finished, be sure you click on the "Save Folders" button.

Renaming a Folder

To rename a folder, edit the folder's name in the list.  When you are finished, be sure you click on the "Save Folders" button.

Deleting a Folder

To delete a folder, remove the folder's name from the list so that box is blank.  When you click on the "Save Folders" button, it will disappear from the list.

Moving Subscribed Threads Into a New Folder

To move a subscription into a folder, select the thread(s) by checking the box on the right.  Next, click on the drop-down menu and select "Move to folder."  Then, press the "Go" button.

Image:Moving Folders.png

This will open another drop-down menu listing all of your current folders.  Select the one you want to move your thread(s) to and click on the "Move Items" button.

Image:Moving Folders2.png

Using Subscription Folders

Folders can be used to organize subscriptions in many ways.  You can use folders to:

  • Sort threads into different categories
  • Organize threads by order of importance
  • Save threads for reference
  • Sort threads by date
  • Help de-clutter a long list of threads
  • Create reminders for events or parties
  • And much more!

When you want to view all of your subscriptions, click on the automatically created "View All" tab. Image:View All Tab.png

Setting Up Email Notifications

Currently this feature is not available on WI. You cannot set up a thread to automatically send you an email whenever someone replies to one of your subscribed threads.