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Stuck Items

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Sometimes, items get stuck in your room due to glitches. They might "fall through tables" or just get stuck, but either way, they won't come out of your room. Here are some methods to fix those stuck items.

Method to Getting Items That are on Tables Unstuck

Here is a picture of a stuck item (the zingoz bubble blower is stuck):
Step 1: Remove the table or pedestal that the stuck item is on.
Step 2: Leave the room by exiting through a door. This works better than jumping to another room using the map feature. After leaving the room return to the room through the same door.

Step 3: Place the table or pedestal back under the stuck item. Then you leave the room again.
When you return, there it is! The item is unstuck.

Method to Getting Vehicles That are Stuck in Doorways Unstuck

Credit for this method goes to member gunoz[1].

In order for this method to work you will need TWO PETS.

In the example below a frog and pink poodle are used as an example of the two pets. Any two pets will work.
Step 1: Move two pets frog.png pinkpoodle.gif into the room where the stuck item is.

Step 2: Take your first pet frog.png and walk it through the door where the item is stuck.

Step 3: Walk your first pet frog.png back through the door into the original room. It will be standing in the doorway on top of the stuck item. Leave this pet there for now![2]

Step 4: Take your second pet pinkpoodle.gif and walk it through any other doorway out of the room. Don't use the doorway where the first pet is standing.

Step 5: Walk your second pet pinkpoodle.gif back through the door into the original room. When you come back into the room your first pet usually looks like it's riding the vehicle.

Step 6: Click on your first pet frog.png to select it, then click in the room, and your pet should ride the vehicle out of the doorway into the room.

What if my Item is Stuck Somewhere Else or my Item won't Unstick?

Items that are stuck on the floor cannot be unstuck this way. You have to contact Ganz to get an unstuck item on the floor, a stuck pet, or a stuck vehicle unstuck. You contact Ganz by filling out their stuck item form on the WW website.

Here's how you report a stuck item on the floor (or a stuck pet or vehicle):

First, you click on the customer service form on the WW website.


Next, you report a stuck item by clicking here.


Then, you select a stuck item in the room.


Last, you fill out the stuck item form here.


Sometimes clearing the cache, rebooting the computer, scanning for viruses, doing a disk clean up/refrag or just logging out and logging back in helps too.

If this does not help, you may also contact Ganz by phone.

  2. According to WImember Hmm if you only have one pet on your accoutn after completing Step 3 you can log out and then back in and skip to Step 6: