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Stove Collection

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Picture Name Item Type
3745-1.png Acorn Barbecue Pet Specific Items
3332-1.png Alchemist's Stove Ganz eStore
Allhallowsstove.png All Hallows' Stove Seasonal
969-1.png Amplifier Stove W Shop
2079-1.png Antique Iron Stove W Shop
Avantecondostove.png Avante Condo Stove Ganz eStore
File:bakersoven.png Bakers Oven Pet Specific Items
3435-1.png Bakin' Snake Stove Pet Specific Items
344-1.png Barbeque W Shop
2065-1.png Beach Hibachi W Shop
3083-1.png Black and Chrome Paw Stove Pet Specific Items
3180-1.png Blushing Baker's Stove W Shop
File:broilkinzbbq.png BroilKinz BBQ W Shop
5971-1.png Calming Campfire Stove Exclusives
1802-1.png Car Hood Stove W Shop
Cardcollectorstove.png Card Collector Stove Trading Cards
2613-1.png Cerulean Stove W Shop
File:Charmforeststove.png Charm Forest Stove Ganz eStore
899-1.png Cheeky Cat Range[1] Pet Specific Items
912-1.png Cheeky Dog Range (Grill) Pet Specific Items
Chefgazpachoestorestove.png Chef Gazpacho (eStore) Stove Ganz eStore
Chefgazpachostove.png Chef Gazpacho (Trading Card) Stove Trading Cards
File:Fastfoodfryer.png Fast Food Fryer Spree Mall Item (Wheel & Games)
510-1.png Football Grill wShop
4550-1.png Friendly Anemone Stove Pet Specific Items
430-1.png Funky Girl Stove W Shop
File:glasstoppinkstove.png Glass Top Pink Stove W Shop
3808-1.png Golden Sun Stove Rares
Goodasgoldenstove.png Good as Golden Stove Ganz eStore
2042-1.png Greasy Grill PSI
3847-1.png Grilltop Table Ganz eStore
2778-1.png High End Stainless Steel Stove Ganz eStore
5972-1.png Hot Springs Mega Stove Exclusives
File:hotstuffstove.png Hot Stuff Stove Ganz eStore
5626-1.png Jam Maker's Stove Wheels & Games
1502-1.png Just Cookin' Pop Star Stove W Shop
495-1.png Kid's Stove Curio Shop Only
Kinzvillebarbequepit.png Kinzville Park Barbeque eStore Items
1029-1.png Master Grill Curio Shop Only
File:Medievaloven.png Medieval Oven Ganz eStore
Megabarbeque.png Mega Barbeque Ganz eStore
File:megastove.png Mega Stove W Shop
4119-1.png Molten Meals Oven Pet Specific Items
FIle:pawprintsstove.png Paw Prints Stove Ganz eStore
782-1.png Pie in the Sky Stove W Shop and PJ's Outlet
File:Potterkilnoven.png Potter Kiln Oven wShop
Precipicegrill.png Precipice Grill Pet Specific Items
3628-1.png Prehistoric Stove Pet Specific Items
Propanestove.png Propane Stove Ganz eStore
3359-1.png Roamin' the Plains Grill Pet Specific Items
Searingstonestove.png Searing Stone Stove W Shop
Sizzlingstarstove.png Sizzling Star Stove eStore Items
3318-1.png Soccer Ball Stove W Shop
Softbakedstove.png Soft Baked Stove W Shop
File:stainlesssteelbbq.png Stainless Steel BBQ EStore Father's Day Bundle
File:Stove_wshop.png Stove W Shop
3142-1.png Stylish Elements Stove W Shop
File:superchefstove.png Super Chef Stove Clubhouse
1969-1.png Sweets N Treats Stove W Shop
File:Tendertreatsstove.png Tender Treats Stove wShop
2883-1.png Trading Card 2.0 Stove Trading Cards
Tradingcardcondooven.png Trading Card Condo Oven Trading Cards
File:winterwonderlandstove.png Winter Wonderland Stove W Shop
687-1.png Witch's Brew Stove Seasonal
Yellowsplendorstove.png Yellow Splendor Stove W Shop

  1. The Cheeky Cat Range is also referred to as the Cheeky Cat Stove.

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