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Stoogles Googles

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File:Stoogles 2.png

Stoogles Googles is a student at the Kinzville Academy. His best friend is Salley Cat. He is also a member of the Kinz Crew.

According to Plumpy, Stoogles is "the outspoken Googles of many talents".

From WKN:
Stoogles made his first appearance as the only Webkinz in town who liked Salley Cat – he was kind to her and she believed in him. Salley and Stoogles have remained fast friends and Stoogles is now part of the ‘Kinz Crew. He is known for his strong opinions (which sometimes contradict what everyone else wants to do), and for being just a teeny bit bossy. He’s the life of the party and quite the talented dancer.


Name Image Type
Stoogles Kinz Glasses File:Stoogleskinzglasses.png Ganz eStore
Stoogles Kinz Pants File:Stoogleskinzpants.png Ganz eStore
Stoogles Kinz Plushie File:Stoogleskinzplushie.png Webkinz Newz
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Stoogles can be found in the following books:

W Tales Book: The New Cat in Town
The Too Talented Crew
Superstar Spring Break
Molly Pig's Best Friend
One Amazing Adventure

Trading Card