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Stationery, Stickers and More

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Whenever you send KinzPost--either mail or a note-- you can choose special customizations. When sending mail, you can choose a certain wrapping paper for the gift. When you send notes, you can choose the stationery, as well as three stickers to add. In addition to all of the KinzPost goodies, you can also send special postcards when you and your pet go on vacation.

Every member on Webkinz World has the same default set of Stickers, Stationery,and Wrapping Paper.


Default Stationery

Preview Name Cost (KC)
File:Plain Paper.PNG Plain Paper 1KC
File:Bubbles.PNG Bubbles 5KC
File:Stars.PNG Stars 5KC
File:Crayons.PNG Crayons 10KC
File:Flowers.PNG Flowers 10KC
File:Hearts.PNG Hearts 10KC
File:Racer.PNG Racer 10KC
Holiday Train Ride 15KC
File:Magic W.PNG Magic W 15KC
File:Paw Print.PNG Paw Prints 15KC
So Many Gifts 15KC
File:Sping Fun.PNG Spring Fun 15KC
Tree Lights 15KC
File:Diamonds.PNG Diamonds 20KC
File:Hang Ten.PNG Hang Ten 20KC
File:Movies.PNG Movies 20KC
File:Water Lovers.PNG Water Lovers 20KC
File:Webkinz Pals.PNG Webkinz Pals 20KC
File:Sparkles.PNG Sparkles 25KC
File: Jumbleberry Fields.PNG Jumbleberry Fields 30KC
File: Kinzstyle Outlet.PNG Kinzstyle Outlet 30KC
File: MAZIN' Hamsters.PNG MAZIN' Hamsters 30KC
File:New Friends.PNG New Friends 30KC
File: Quizzy Corner.PNG Quizzy's Corner 30KC
File: Snow Day.PNG Snow Day 30KC
File: WackyER Zingoz.PNG Wackyer Zingoz 30KC
File: After Party.PNG After Party 40KC
File:Webkinz Dancing.PNG Webkinz Dancing 50KC

Deluxe Member Stationery

Preview Name Cost (KC)
File:Deluxe_member_stationery.png Deluxe Member 20KC

Deluxe Pencil Case Stationery

This stationery is unlocked by entering the feature code that comes with the Deluxe Pencil Case.

Preview Name Cost (KC)
File:Art Splat.PNG Art Splat 15KC
File:Best Friend.PNG Best Friend 15KC
File:Bike Ride.PNG Bike Ride 15KC
File:Classic Mail.PNG Classic Mail 15KC
File:Trading Card.PNG Trading Card 15KC

School Essentials Stationery

This stationery is unlocked by entering the feature code that comes with the School Essentials pack.

Preview Name Cost (KC)
File:Pals.PNG Pals 15KC
File:Mail Cat.PNG Mail Cat 15KC
File:Scooter.PNG Scooter 15KC
File:Monkey Around.PNG Monkey Around 15KC
File:Join The Band.PNG Join the Band 15KC

Default Stickers

Preview Name Cost (KC)
File:Blue Heart.PNG Blue Heart 2 KC
File:Green Star.PNG Green Star 2 KC
File:Pink Heart.PNG Pink Heart 2 KC
File:Webkinz Logo.PNG Webkinz Logo 2 KC
File:Yellow Star Stick.PNG Yellow Star 2 KC
File:Blue Box.PNG Blue Gift 5 KC
File:Camera.PNG Camera 5 KC
File:Red High Heel Sticker.png Red High Heel 5 KC
File:Moonberry Sticker.png Moonberry 5 KC
File:Popcorn.PNG Popcorn 5 KC
File:Snowflake.PNG Snowflake 5 KC
File:Spree shopping Bag Sticker.png Spree Shopping Bag 5 KC
File:Wish Token Sticker.png Wish Token 5 KC
File:Back Pack.PNG Backpack 6 KC
File:Slate.PNG Slate 6 KC
File:Amanda Panda Sticker.png Amanda Panda 8 KC
File:Bad Fairy.PNG Bad Fairy 8 KC
File:Birthday Cake Sticker.png Birthday Cake 8 KC
File:Good Fairy.PNG Good Fairy 8 KC
File:Half Moon Sticker.png Half Moon 8 KC
File:Lollipop.PNG Lollipop 8 KC
File:Magic Wand.PNG Magic Wand 8 KC
File:Perfect Pear Sticker.png Perfect Pear 8 KC
File:Pink Rose.PNG Pink Rose 8 KC
File:Racecar.PNG Racecar 8 KC
File:Red Rose.PNG Red Rose 8 KC
File:Wacky Zingoz Sticker.png Wacky Zingoz 8 KC
File:Wizard Hat.PNG Wizard Hat 8 KC
File:Crown of Wonder Sticker.png Crown of Wonder 10 KC
File:Purple Sparkle Cloud.PNG Purple Sparkly Cloud 10 KC
File:Shooting star picture.gif Sparkly Shooting Star 10 KC
File:Animated Bubbles.PNG Animated Bubbles 15 KC
File:Animated Smile.gif Animated Smiley 15 KC
File:Green gift final.gif Green Gift 5 KC

Deluxe Pencil Case Stickers

Preview Name Cost (KC)
File:Beach ball final.gif Beach Ball 5 KC
File:Cupcake final.gif Cupcake 5 KC
File:Hippo final.gif Hippo 5 KC
File:Rainbow final.gif Rainbow 5 KC
File:Terrier final.gif Terrier 5 KC