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Sports Fan Theme

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Theme History

The Sports Fan Theme was introduced to the wShop in May 2008.

A couple of alternate wallpapers and floorings are sold in the Curio Shop.

Theme Preview


Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type Cost
3304-1.png Baseball Glove Chair wShop 220 KC
1742-1.png Basketball Dreams Wallpaper Curio Shop 275 KC
1744-1.png Basketball Hardcourt Flooring Curio Shop 350 KC
3303-1.png Bright Uprights Lamp wShop 150 KC
3273-1.png Center Court Coffee Table wShop 225 KC
3271-1.png Field of Dreams Bed wShop 1100 KC
3275-1.png First Down Dining Table wShop 500 KC
3288-1.png Hoops DTV wShop 1050 KC
3319-1.png Lunch Locker Fridge wShop 650 KC
3270-1.png Nothing but Net Side Table wShop 200 KC
3305-1.png Puck Dining Chair[1] wShop 150 KC
3302-1.png Scoreboard Clock wShop 250 KC
3272-1.png Scoreboard Dresser wShop 550 KC
3318-1.png Soccer Ball Stove wShop 900 KC
1745-1.png Soccer Pitch Flooring[2] Curio Shop 350 KC
3274-1.png Soccer Sofa wShop 550 KC
3301-1.png Sports Fan Flooring wShop 125 KC
3300-1.png Sports Fan Wallpaper wShop 100 KC
3289-1.png Tennis Toy Box wShop 350 KC
1743-1.png True Fan Soccer Wallpaper Curio Shop 285 KC
  1. The Puck Dining chair is NOT part of the Hockey Theme.
  2. The Soccer Pitch Flooring is also referred to as Soccer Field Flooring.

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