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Speed Sledding Maze

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The Speed Sledding Maze is part of the Frosty Finish Maze Set.

The Speed Sledding Maze has no crossroads, and so there is only one direction to move throughout this entire maze. To win this maze, you just have to be fast. Hold the shift key down the entire time and move quickly!

Direction Wallpaper
Go Straight on Waffles Wallpaper (making sure to hold the shift key down for speed) Wafflesdesign.png
Pass straight through the Arctic room (where it will be snowing) Arcticroommaze.png
Continue straight on Midnight Wallpaper Midnighthamsterwallpaper.png
Climb the stairs to pass through the Rolling Rest Room Rollingrestbedroommaze.png
Continue straight on Snowflake Wallpaper Snowflaketubes.png
Pass through the Ski Jump Room Skijumpmaze.png
Continue straight on Nick Wallpaper 100px-NickHamsterTubeTexture.jpg
Flag is in finish room Finishroommaze.png
Mazin' Hamsters