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Sparky Fact

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File:sparkywithdoug.pngFile:Sparky 2.png

Sparky is the Kinzville Times paperboy and Arte's nephew. Sparky is also a golden retriever.

He's a student at the Kinzville Academy. He is also a member of the Kinz Crew.

According to Plumpy, Sparky is "the adventurer with a heart of gold".


Name Image Type
Framed Scavenger Hunt Map File:Framedscavengerhuntmap.png Adventure Park
Sparky Bobblehead Toy File:Sparkybobbleheadtoy.png Adventure Park
Sparky Kinz Hat File:Sparkykinzhat.png Ganz eStore
Sparky Kinz Pants File:Sparkykinzpants.png Ganz eStore
Sparky 'Kinz Plushy File:Sparkykinzplushie.png Webkinz Newz
Sparky Kinz Shirt File:Sparkykinzshirt.png Ganz eStore
Sparky Kinz Shoes File:Sparkykinzshoes.png Ganz eStore


Sparky can be found in the following books:

An Air of Mystery Book
Arte and The Lost Tomb Book
The Best Present Storybook
W Tales Book: The New Cat in Town
The Last Adventure
The Too Talented Crew
The Disappearing Sculpture
Roberta's Gift
Superstar Spring Break
Molly Pig's Best Friend