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Sparkling Gem Theme

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Theme History

The Sparkling Gem Theme is made up of Doug the Dog prizes.

The Doug the Dog feature was introduced to Webkinz World in May 2009.

Some of the items in this theme can only be used inside, and some can only be used outside.

Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type
4382-1.png Carved Gem Fountain Doug Prize
4277-1.png Doug's Signed Picture Doug Prize
4450-1.png Gem Expert Certificate Doug Prize
4383-1.png Gem Throne Doug Prize
4502-1.png Glowing Gem Lamp Doug Prize
4332-1.png Large Gem Finder Trophy Doug Prize
4279-1.png Large Gem Portrait Doug Prize
4333-1.png Medium Gem Finder Trophy Doug Prize
4529-1.png Outdoor Gem Shimmer Stone Doug Prize
4449-1.png Small Blue Geode Doug Prize
4334-1.png Small Gem Finder Trophy Doug Prize
4357-1.png Sparkling Gem Flooring Doug Prize
4437-1.png Sparkling Gem Poster Doug Prize
4358-1.png Sparkling Gem Wall Doug Prize
4478-1.png Steaming Volcano Doug Prize

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