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Space Camp Challenge

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This challenge first appeared in Webkinz World on November 9, 2011. It is necessary to first finish the Teacher's Pet Challenge in order to be allowed to do the Space Camp Challenge.


Part 1

  • Drag and drop a treadmill into your pet's room
  • Purchase the Skateboard from the W Shop
  • Buy a pair of Red Sneakers for your pet from the KinzStyle Outlet

Part 2

  • Purchase the Navigation Control Center from the W Shop
  • Drag and drop the Galactic View Screen into your pet's room
  • Earn 1200 points or more playing Goober's Lab at the Arcade

Part 3


Part 1

100 KinzCash


Part 2

Rocket Ship Wallpaper, Rocket Ship Flooring

425-1.png 426-1.png

Part 3

Dex Dangerous Landing Pad