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Souvenir Shack

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Sheldon's Souvenir Shack is a special shop only available on Vacation Island. Deluxe members may choose 3 items per vacation BUT the items change after maintenance every day.


You can only buy three items per vacation before Sheldon takes a nap.


List of Items Currently Available

You can see pictures of these items here.

  • Beach Bermudas
  • Comfy Socks and Sandals
  • Compass Clock
  • Compass Side Table
  • Fishing Hat
  • Inflatable Palm Tree
  • Island Bunny Bobblehead
  • Island Shirt
  • Model Jet Plane
  • Pineapple Hat
  • Purple Flip Flops [1]
  • Sailor's Shipping Crate
  • Sheldon Plushy
  • Ship in a Bottle
  • Shoreline Side Table
  • Straw Hat
  • Straw Skirt
  • Sunny Day Swimsuit
  • Sunshine Hat
  • Sunshine Shirt
  • Sunshine Shorts
  • Sunshine Swimsuit Bottom
  • Sunshine Swimsuit Top
  • Umbrella Hat
  • Vacation Island Map
  • Vacation Island Poster
  • Wacky Carved Coconut
  • Webkinz Worldly Luggage
  • Weathered Wall Anchor
  1. Different from flip flops at Kinzstyle Outlet