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Solved Clothing Recipes

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You can make all the items below by using The Clothing Machine.


Solved Clothing Recipes

See the History of Solved Outfits for some interesting clothing trivia.

Alpine Hat

6143-2.png File:Alpine Hat.jpg

1819-2.png 1022-2.png 1020-2.png
Aviator Hat Bubble Vest Soft Suede Boots

Beautiful Blue Ball Gown

Posted By: CCBMom

Beautifulblueballgown.png File:Beautiful Blue Ball Gown.jpg

File:ballerinaleotardtop.png File:bluebow.png File:powderblueskirt.png
Ballerina Leotard Top Blue Bow Powder Blue Skirt

Bright Spies Trench Coat

Solved By: dawnscott1

6142-2.png File:BrightSpiesTrenchCoat.png

793-2.png 836-2.png 2749-2.png
Cowboy Hat Dark Shades Wing Tip Shoes

Busy Artist Smock

Solved By: dawnscott1

Busyartistsmock.png File:Busy Artist Smock.png

Pinkpolkadotrainboots.png Purplebeanie.png Yellow_Raincoat.png
Pink Polka Dot Rain Boots Purple Beanie Yellow Raincoat

Cowgirl Dress

Solved By: jdoodle

3695-2.png File:Cowgirlcow.jpg [1]

793-2.png 802-2.png 2585-2.png
Cowboy Hat Cow Poke Top Smocked Sundress

Detective Hat

Solved By: mlachance9

5226-2.png File:detective hat dog2.jpg [2]

2742-2.png 757-2.png 758-2.png
Tan Suit Jacket Blue Ball Cap Red Ball Cap

Glass Slippers

Solved By: LinLin

5225-2.png [3]

882-2.png 797-2.png 883-2.png
Funky Girl Glasses Ruby Slippers Princess Hat

Groovy Retro Jeans

Reported By: Orca12296 (solved by younger brother)

Groovyretrojeans.png File:Groovy Retro Jeans (View1).jpg File:Groovy Retro Jeans (View2).jpg

2545-2.png File:cuffedjeans.png File:rainbowboots.png
Chalk Flower Top Cuffed Jeans Rainbow Boots

Highland Kilt

Solved By: taytertots

6809-2.png File:Highland Kilt Skirt.jpg

3466-2.png 3773-2.png 1284-2.png
Kilt Skirt Purple Kilt Funky Plaid Hat

Moonberry Dress

Solved By: Bookworm255

Moonberrydress.png File:Moonberry Dress.png

Plaidbucklecap.png 837-2.png 2585-2.png
Plaid Buckle Hat Purple Pajama Top Smocked Sundress

Neon Tutu

Reported By: Starburst1425 with help from the OneWebkinzWorld Promotion[4]


Cowgirl_Boots.png Fall_Floral_Skirt.png 2741-2.png
Pink Cowgirl Boots Fall Floral Skirt Thick Knit Sweater

Patched Denim Jacket

The solution for this can be found by clicking the "i" (information button) in the upper left corner of the Clothing Machine.

5219-2.png File:Patchedjeanjacketpet.jpg [5]

1828-2.png 1829-2.png 806-2.png
Green layered Tee Purple Layered Tee Jeans

Patchwork Hat/Jacket/Pants

ptch-2.png File:Googlepatchwork.jpg [6] [7]

any-2.png any-2.png any-2.png
Any Any Any

Any incorrect combination of clothing in the Clothing Machine (A combination that does not result in a "Clothing Recipe item") will result in a RANDOM patchwork item (either a hat, jacket, or pants.) You can put the same three items in over and over again and get a different patchwork item each time. If you're trying to make patchwork items, you may as well use the three least expensive items, which are the 15kc bows, and the 10kc red belt (unless something on sale is cheaper!) Just keep using those three over and over again until you get what you want!

Pretty Plaid Gown

Posted By: MsAmy05

Prettyplaidgown.png File:Pretty Plaid Gown.png

Blue_and_Green_Kilt.png Fall_Floral_Dress.png Ruffled_Sequin_Sandals.png
Blue and Green Kilt Fall Floral Dress Ruffled Sequin Sandals

Prismatic Dress

SOLVED BY: Plumpy (reported by bethmiz)

6807-2.png File:Prismatic Dress.jpg

931-2.png 1476-2.png 1705-2.png
Dude Hat Flower Power Swimsuit Top Wide Tan Pants

Racecar Driver Outfit

Solved by: gaaralvr92

10140-2.png Racecardriveroutfitview.png

Black_Sport_Pants.png Black_Vest.png Kinzville_Academy_Varsity_Jacket.png
Black Sports Pants Black Vest Kinzville Academy Varsity Jacket

Rad Rainbow Overalls

Reported by: steffeefacee

Radrainbowoveralls.png File:Red Rainbow Overalls.jpg

1706-2.png File:polkadotpjbottom.png 1313-2.png
Cuffed Jeans Polka Dot PJ Bottom Rainbow Boots

Seaside Sarong

Solved by: fumble99

5224-2.png File:Seasidesarongpet.jpg

1483-2.png File:summerfunswimsuittop.png 1705-2.png
Bright Green Swim Trunks Summer Fun Swimsuit Top Wide Tan Pants

Sparkly Silver Suit Jacket

Solved By: mrmike655

5343-1.png File:Sparkly Silver Suit Jacket.png

Kinzville_Academy_Slacks.png Tiara.png Tuxedo_Jacket.png
Kinzville Academy Slacks Tiara Tuxedo Jacket

Sparkly Silver Suit Pants

Solved By: JINGLES139

5344-2.png File:Sparklysuitpet.jpg [5]

2745-2.png 1412-2.png 888-2.png
Tan Suit Pants Sparkly Pink Bow Tuxedo Shoes

Starry Starry Hat

Solved By: Pixel Pony

7101-2.png File:Starry Starry Hat.jpg

2737-2.png 1219-2.png 796-2.png
Purple Mod Hat Star Fly Pants Wizard Hat

Strawberry Hat

Reported By: salafl (solved by 8arose, her daughter)

6808-2.png File:Blaze.PNG

1828-2.png 800-2.png 857-2.png
Green Layered Tee European Flare Shades Red Bow

Stunning Kimono

Solved By: dawnscott1

6811-2.png File:Stunning Kimono.jpg

2545-2.png 1483-2.png 2585-2.png
Chalk Flower Top Bright Green Swim Trunks Smocked Sundress

Superstar Shirt

Solved By: Steffeefacee

Superstarshirt.png File:Superstar Shirt.jpg

File:funkyfloweredpants.png 2737-2.png 1824-2.png
Funky Flowered Pants Purple Mod Hat White Hollywood Sunglasses

Sweet Dreams Bathrobe

Solved By: mulberry59

6144-2.png File:Sweet Dreams Bathrobe.jpg

835-2.png 2741-2.png 1221-2.png
Fuzzy Slippers Thick Knit Sweater Yoga Pants

Sweet Treats Toque

Solved By: Rufus Rules

Sweettreatstoque.png File:Sweet Treats Toque .png

Redbow.png Sequincabbiecap.png Stripytoque.png
Red Bow Sequin Cabbie Cap Stripy Toque

Tabby's Glasses

Announced on Webkinz Newz

6141-2.png File:Tabby's Glasses.jpg

1710-2.png 2727-2.png 1824-2.png
Lovely Leopard Cat Cap Penny Loafers White Hollywood Sunglasses

Tie Dye Top

Solved By: August

5221-2.png File:Tiedyeshirtpet.jpg [5]

837-2.png 1827-2.png 1476-2.png
Purple Pajama Top Blue and Yellow Fleece Flower Power Swimsuit Top


Solved By: judy999

4027-2.png [8]

1288-2.png 2733-2.png 834-2.png
White Jeans Kinzville Academy Skirt Flip Flops

Toy Soldier Coat

Solved By: fvb

5345-2.png [9]

1282-2.png 3570-2.png 790-2.png
Captain Dogbeard's Coat Mod Jacket Red Sneakers

Toy Soldier Hat

Reported By: Ginger945 (who learned about it in the clubhouse!)

5346-2.png [9]

859-2.png 1284-2.png 931-2.png
Party Hat Funky Plaid Hat Dude Hat

Wild Watermelon Shirt

Solved By: Starburst1425


File:ballerinaleotardtop.png Emeraldpolkadotrainboots.png File:summerfunswimsuittop.png
Ballerina Leotard Top Emerald Polka-Dot Rain Boots Summer Fun Swimsuit Top

Wizard's Apprentice Robe

Solved By: Auntkinz

5223-2.png [10] File:Wizarddog.jpg [11]

2729-2.png 885-2.png 796-2.png
Academy Sweater Tuxedo Pants Wizard's Hat


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