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Soccer Challenge

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The Soccer Challenge game is a seasonal Daily Activity, only available during the World Cup Soccer event.



The object of the Soccer Challenge game is to make all 5 goals.

  • If you make 1 goal, you get 20 KinzCash
  • 2 Goals - 50 KinzCash
  • 3 Goals - 1 prize
  • 4 Goals - 1 prize and 20 KinzCash
  • All 5 Goals - 1 prize and 100 KinzCash


To select the angle you want to kick at, use the left button on your mouse. Then, to select the power of your shot, left click again. This will ultimately decide whether you score or not.


The main challenge of this game is the timing and the angle of the shot. If you don't shoot the soccer ball just right, the goalie will catch your ball and you will not make a goal. If you fill the power meter too much, the ball will fly over the goal.


This game does not have a trophy.

But, if you would like to have a soccer trophy for your account, you can buy one. The League of Champions Trophy is part of the Beautiful Game Theme. It can be purchased in the W Shop for just 350 KC.



The picture above is of the Time Taker Badge. It's believed to be won by shooting the soccer ball when there are 1-2 seconds left on the clock, but that has not been confirmed. You do not need to make the goal to get the badge.


To see pictures of all of the prizes that can be won in this game, please visit the Picture Gallery.

Picture Gallery: Soccer Challenge Game Prizes


  • Just because you have the power meter on full does not mean you will get it in. It will fly over the net. The best place to put it is close to a corner at just over half power, or from the third blue bar to the first yellow bar on the power meter.
  • Most people's peripheral vision is good at detecting movement. You may be find that you have better success by looking at the soccer player and monitoring the power meter with your side vision.