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Snowglobes and Snowglobe Beds

Picture Name Source
Image:2011santakinzsnowglobe.png 2011 Santakinz Snow Globe Christmas Gift Bag 2011
Autumntreeglobe.png Autumn Tree Snowglobe Fall Fest; last available September 2010
Image:Happyhamstersnowglobe.png Happy Hamster Snowglobe Year 5 Webkinz Day Time Capsule
Holidayhamstersnowglobe.png Holiday Hamster Snow Globe Christmas 2012 Choice Item
Image:kinzvilleholidaysnowglobe.png Kinzville Holiday Snowglobe Christmas Gift Bag item 2010
Image:Kinzvillemountainsnowglobe.png Kinzville Mountain Snow Globe Family Score Prize
Image:Kinzvillesnowglobe.png Kinzville Snow Globe Unlock the Key to Kinzville Prize
Image:Magicwsnowglobe.png Magic W Snowglobe W-shop Christmas; last available December 2007
Image:Mayordrquacksnowglobe.png Mayor Dr. Quack Snow Globe Kinzville Park Meet The Mayor Prize
Image:Northpolesnowglobe.png North Pole Snow Globe Christmas Countdown Gift 2015
Image:Partysnowglobe.png Party Snow Globe Party Pack Loot Bag Item
Image:Polarberryjamsnowglobe.png Polarberry Jam Snow Globe Christmas Countdown Gift 2013
Image:Polarplungeholidaysnowglobe.png Polar Plunge Holiday Snowglobe Christmas Gift Box item 2009
Santakinzsnowglobe.png Santakinz Snow Globe Christmas Countdown gift for Day 11; last available 2009
Image:Snowglobechair.png Snow Globe Chair PSI - Snowflake Pup
Snowglobehat.png Snow Globe Hat Winterfest 2011
Image:Snowcatsnowglobe.png Snowcat Snowglobe W-shop Christmas; last available December 2006
Snowflakessnowglobe.png Snowflake's Snowglobe Mazin' Hamsters Key Craze Prize; currently available
Image:Snowmansnowglobe.png Snowman Snow Globe Christmas Countdown Gift 2018
Snowyglobbed.png Snowy Globe Bed Ganz eStore
Image:Snowglobesleighbed.png Snowglobe Sleigh Bed Ganz eStore
Image:Snowyscenebed.png Snowy Scene Bed Ganz eStore
Image:Thanksgivingsnowglobe.png Thanksgiving Snow Globe Thanksgiving Gift Box item 2018
Image:Wackyzingozsnowglobe.png Wacky Zingoz Snowglobe Christmas Gift Box item 2007
Image:Webkinzholidaysnowglobe.png Webkinz Holiday Snow Globe Christmas Countdown Gift 2019
Image:Zumwhereglobe.png Zumwhere Globe Zumwhere Catalog prize; currently available

Other Globes

Picture Name Source
Image:Hamletgemglobe.png Hamlet Gem Globe Mazin' Hamsters Challenges Prize; currently available
Image:Onewebkinzworldbed.png OneWebkinzWorld Bed OneWebkinzWorld Promotion
Image:Springbasketflowerglobe.png Spring Basket Flowerglobe Ganz eStore

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