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Dwarf Diamond Digger

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Dwarf Diamond Digger was a "click to win" game advertising Disney's release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on Blu-ray & DVD. The ads ran on Webkinz World from October 6th through October 18th 2009.

What the ads looked like

To play the Dwarf Diamond Digger game, users looked for this ad. -It could appear in any of the 3 "Advertisement" slots on the right.


A larger Game ad was seen in the Daily Activities page early on, but it may have been interfering with the Daily Activities listing because it wasn't seen after the first day.


Sometimes users might see the ad below. This ad gave more information about the Snow White release on Blu-ray & DVD, but was not an ad for the game.


How to Play

When you saw a Game ad, you'd click on the "Play Game" button and you'd be taken to this screen. Then you'd click on "Play" to start the game.


In the Dwarf Diamond Digger mine, you could click on 3 rocks for 3 chances to win a prize. It was very similar to the Sandbox game at Recess (it even had the same sounds and music.)


Each rock you clicked revealed one of several prizes:


Sometimes there was no prize.


After your three tries, you'd see a summary of the prizes you'd won (the items would be in your dock.)


...Unless you won no prizes.


Then you'd be taken to the last screen with more information about Disney's release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on Blu-ray & DVD.


After you'd played the game, you needed to leave the page and return to it to be able to click on the ad again, so you'd need to keep clicking back and forth between another page (the Kinzpost page was good!) and the page with the Game ad until you saw another one. You could play this game as many times as you could find and click on an ad. Sometimes it could take 20 clicks or more, back and forth, for an ad to appear. Sometimes they appeared almost every time you returned to the page.

Tips to make the game go faster

  • You didn't need to wait for the rock to finish "opening" to get the item. You could just click the "X" on the rock window and choose the next rock to open. [1]
  • Once you saw the "summary of prizes" screen, you could click to another page and back without closing that window. The prizes would still be placed in your dock, and when you clicked on the next Game ad, the new game window would open on top.
  • The Kinzpost page was one of the fastest to load and the easiest to find on the menu. Clicking between there and the page the Game ad was on could save some time.


You could win 100 KinzCash, an apple from the W Shop or one of the prizes shown below:

snowwhite.png [2]

  • The Diamond Apple is an object. It can be placed on a table or floor and can also go outside. It does not fit in a storage unit.
  • The Enchanted Mirror can be hung on a wall and is animated when you click on it. The Mirror does not fit in a storage unit.
  • The Dwarf Shoes, Green Dwarf Costume, Purple Dwarf Hat, and Fairy Tale Dress can be worn by your pet and can go in storage units.
  • The Gooseberry pie can be eaten by your pet (so can the Apple from the W Shop.)
  • All items can be kinzposted, sold, or traded.
  • See the WIGEV values for these items.


Thanks to Bindidog for the pet pictures!

Where Game ads could be seen

When Game ads appeared, they could be found simultaneously in all time zones. The following is a list of pages in Webkinz World with 3 ads along the right hand side of the page (which is where Game ads were most likely to be found). [3]

  • Newspaper *
  • Today's Activities **
  • My Room *
  • My Page
  • Adoption Center
  • Kinzville Academy *
  • WebKinz Stadium
  • Arcade *
  • DiceKinz
  • Clubhouse
  • Caring Valley *
  • KinzPost *
  • Wish Factory * ***
  • CurioShop *
  • Code Shop *
  • Magical Forest [4]

* Game ads were seen on these pages.
** Large Game ad was seen on this page too.

*** You had to be careful if you played Dwarf Diamond Digger while in the Wish Factory. Several users accidentally clicked on the "wish" button and bought items they didn't want!

When did Game ads appear?

Sometimes the Snow White Game ads appeared with every click to the page where they'd been spotted. Sometimes it took over 20 clicks back and forth before a Snow White Game ad appeared. Sometimes they didn't appear at all.

Customer service Reps at Ganz stated that the ads were most frequent after 3pm EST, but WI members reported them during early morning hours and after 7pm.

When Game ads appeared, they seemed to be present on a certain page for about an hour. The hour that the ad appeared did not necessarily start at the top of an hour. Sometimes ads started appearing in the middle of an hour.

The following threads on the WI Forum helped track Snow White Game ads so users could find out if there was an ad present at that moment:

Troubleshooting the Snow White ads

If users saw any Snow White ads at all, then their settings were most likely correct, and it was suggested that they keep checking the threads listed above to see when other people were spotting the Game ads. If users hadn't seen Snow White ads of any kind, since the event started, they were asked to try some of the suggestions below.

Check to see if you have turned off "ads from companies other than Webkinz/Ganz" your Webkinz World Options

If you are not seeing any of the Snow White ads, you or a parent may have turned off "outside ads" in Webkinz World.

  • Go to your My Pets page
  • Click on Options
  • See if the box is checked for "turn off ads from companies other than Webkinz/Ganz."
  • If it is, you'll have to enter your secret question to uncheck the box and enable the ads again.
    • If you've forgotten the answer to your secret question, you'll have to call Ganz to have the ads re-set (1-866-WEBKINZ). Make sure you have your account information when you call. They may ask for your pet codes.
  • If it has been more than 30 days since you disabled ads, your ads will be re-set immediately and you'll be able to play the game. If it's been less than 30 days, you will not be able to see those types of ads until 30 days have passed since you first disabled them.
Check to see if ad-blocking is enabled on your web browser

Another reason you may not see ads is if you have ad blocking enabled in your browser. Check your web browser's preferences/settings/tools/options menus and make sure "ad blocking" is not enabled. You can always re-enable ad blocking when you're not playing the game. (If you are under 18, please do not change this setting without your parents' permission.)

  • Note: "Whitelisting" Webkinz World does not seem to be enough to allow the ads to show.
Clear your cache and/or cookies

As always, clearing your cache and cookies might help as well: How to clear your Cache and Cookies.

If all else fails
  • Restart your computer
  • Make sure you have the most recent version of Adobe Flash installed (it's free.)
  • Upgrade to the most recent version of your browser
  • Download and try a different browser (The settings for that should be brand new and unaffected by any changes you made to your current browser's settings.)
  • Try logging into your account on a different computer. If ads are enabled in your Webkinz World options that should work.

Bored waiting for the next Game ad to show up?

Disney's "Diamond Hunt" game on Disney's Official Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Blu-ray And DVD Website was a good way to pass the time. -It's got a catchy tune.


  1. Tip from COWS4YOU
  2. Prizes picture is from a Front Page article on WI
  3. From posts on the WI forum by 12Mitchp and rodentmom
  4. Thanks to wkwcollecter for pointing out that "Magical Forest" was missing from the list.

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