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Shoe Collection

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Shoes in Webkinz World.

Picture Name Item Type
2011holidayslippers.png 2011 Holiday Slippers Christmas Countdown
Image:Academymaryjaneshoes.png Academy Mary Jane Shoes KinzStyle Outlet
Image:Academypeuniformshoes.png Academy P.E. Uniform Shoes Kinzville Academy Recess Prize
Alexkinzshoes.png Alex Kinz Shoes Estore
Amethystshoes.png Amethyst Shoes Estore
Angelshoes.png Angel Shoes Halloween
Aqualaceflats.png Aqua Lace Flats KinzStyle Outlet
Aquamarineshoes.png Aquamarine Shoes Estore
Arabianprinceshoes.png Arabian Prince Shoes Estore
Arabianprincessshoes.png Arabian Princess Shoes Estore
Autumnleafshoes.png Autumn Leaf shoes Estore
Image:Blackwhitecatfeet.png B&W Cat Costume - Feet Halloween
Bakersmittsshoes.png Baker's Mitts and Shoes Jumbleberry Fields
Image:Balletslippers.png Ballet Slippers KinzStyle Outlet
Balloonanimalcostumeshoes.png Balloon animal costume shoes Estore
Image:Bballshoes2.png B-Ball Shoes Retired KinzStyle Outlet
Beautifulassistantheels.png Beautiful Assistant Heels Estore
Beminesneakers.png Be Mine Sneakers Webkinz Newz
2654-1.png Bee Shoes Curio Shop Only
Image:Blackandwhitesneakers.png Black and White Sneakers KinzStyle Outlet
Image:Blackboots.png Black Boots KinzStyle Outlet
Blackdappercasualshoes.png Black Dapper Casual Shoes Mobile wShop
Image:BlackSoccerCleats.png Black Soccer Cleats Soccer Challenge Prize
Bluebubbleandtroublewitchshoes.png Blue Bubble and Trouble Witch Shoes eStore
Blueflowerpixieshoes.png Blue Flower Pixie Shoes Estore Mystery Clothing Bag
Image:Bluemaryjanes.png Blue Mary Janes KinzStyle Outlet
Boyscolorblockshoes.png Boys Color Block Shoes KinzStyle Outlet
Borntoboardboots.png Born to Board Boots Estore
Butterflyshoes.png Butterfly Shoes Estore Mystery Clothing Bag
Image:Campingboots.png Camping Boots eStore
Image:Candycornwitchshoes.png Candy Corn Witch Shoes Halloween
Image:Cardcollectorflipflips.png Card Collector Flip Flops Trading Card Series 3
Caveexplorerheeledshoes.png Cave Explorer Heeled Shoes Webkinz Newz
Caveexplorershoes.png Cave Explorer Shoes Webkinz Newz
Image:Charmfairyshoes.png Charm Fairy Shoes Magic Mire Prize
Image:Charmedboots.png Charmed Boots Woodland Wonders Prize
1322-1.png Clogs KinzStyle Outlet
Cloudadventureshoes.png Cloud Adventure Shoes Webkinz Newz
4937-1.png Clown Shoes KinzStyle Outlet Special
Image:Courtjestershoes.png Court Jester Shoes eStore
Image:Cowboyminiboots.png Cowboy Mini Boots KinzStyle Outlet
Cozylambslippers.png Cozy Lamb Slippers Estore
Image:Dancingshoes.png Dancing Shoes Party Loot Bag Prize
Dappercasualshoes.png Dapper Casual Shoes Webkinz Newz
Delicatedragonflyshoes.png Delicate Dragonfly Shoes Estore Mystery Clothing Bag
Diamondshoes.png Diamond Shoes Estore
Discofeverplatforms.png Disco Fever Platforms eStore
Divingbellflippers.png Diving Bell Flippers Webkinz Newz
5545-1.png Dwarf Shoes Advertisement
Image:Elephantfeet.png Elephant Costume - Feet Halloween
908-1.png Elf Shoes Christmas
Emeraldhighheelboots.png Emerald High Heel Boots eStore
Image:Emeraldpolkadotrainboots.png Emerald Polka-dot Rain Boots KinzStyle Outlet
Emeraldslippers.png Emerald Slippers 2015 St. Patrick's Day Log-In Prize
Image:Explorershoes.png Explorer Shoes Misc. Items
5623-1.png Farmer's Boots Jumbleberry Fields Prize
3375-1.png Flip Flops Vacation
834-2.png Flip Flops KinzStyle Outlet
835-2.png Fuzzy Slippers KinzStyle Outlet
3135-1.png Fuzzy Winter Slippers Winterfest
3073-1.png Gift Box Shoes Curio Shop Only
5225-1.png Glass Slippers KinzStyle Outlet Clothing Machine
Image:Gleaminggoldsandals.png Gleaming Gold Sandals KinzStyle
Image:Goldwingtrackshoes.png Gold Wing Track Shoes Kinzville Academy Running Class Prize
5200-1.png Golden Chess Shoes eStore
Image:Goldentuxdressshoes.png Golden Tux Dress Shoes PSI
Greenbubbleandtroublewitchshoes.png Green Bubble and Trouble Witch Shoes eStore
Gretelshoes.png Gretel Shoes eStore
Image:Mazinhamsterstuntshoes.png Hamster Stunt Shoes Mazin' Hamsters (Moolah Mountain)
Hanselshoes.png Hansel Shoes eStore
Image:Highcutrollers.png High Cut Rollers W-Shop (Spring 2012)
Image:Hippofeet.png Hippo Costume - Feet Halloween
Image:Holnwongolfshoes.png Holnwon Golf Shoes KinzStyle
Howlingwerewolfpaws.png Howling Werewolf Paws eStore
Icemanshoes.png Ice Man Shoes eStore
Jinglebellslippers.png Jingle Bell Shoes Christmas Countdown
Jointheadventureboots.png Join the Adventure Boots Kinzville Park
4731-1.png King Boots eStore
2782-1.png Knight's Plated Boots eStore
Lacedheels.png Laced Heels W-Shop (Spring 2012)
Lightsummershoes.png Light Summer Shoes KinzStyle Outlet
Image:Lionfeet.png Lion Costume - Feet Halloween
Image:Lunarboots.png Lunar Boots Nafaria Trading Prize
Magicalunicornhooves.png Magical Unicorn Shoes Mystery Clothing Bag
Image:Magicwwhitesocks.png Magic W White Socks 12 Days of Christmas
Mayorsdressshoes.png Mayor's Dress Shoes Unlock the Key to Kinzville Prize
Image:Moccasins.png Moccasins KinzStyle Outlet
Mrssantakinzslippers.png Mrs. Santakinz Slippers Christmas
Nafariaslippers.png Nafaria's Slippers Estore Mystery Clothing Bag
Image:Nafariaspurpleslippers.png Nafaria's Purple Slippers Trading Card Series 4
Image:Nibbleskinzshoes.png Nibbles Kinz Shoes eStore
Image:Ninjashoes.png Ninja Shoes Halloween
File:Neonflipflops.png Neon Flip Flops
Image:Pennyloafers.png Penny Loafers KinzStyle Outlet
4032-1.png Pharaoh Slippers eStore
Image:Phlyingphoenixrunners.png Phlying Phoenix Runners KinzStyle
Pinkdivingbellflippers.png Pink Diving Bell Flippers Webkinz Newz
Image:Playtimeplatypusshoes.png Pink Playtime Shoes eStore
Image:Pinkpolkadotrainboots.png Pink Polka-Dot Rain Boots KinzStyle Outlet
Pinkpoodleshoes.png Pink Poodle Shoes eStore
Image:Pirateboots.png Pirate Boots KinzStyle Outlet
Image:Piratecostumeboots.png Pirate Costume Boots Vacation
5205-1.png Pirate Princess Shoes eStore
File:Plaidhightops.png Plaid High Tops
Polkadotrainboots.png Polka Dot Rain Boots W-Shop (Spring 2012)
Image:Pompomshoes.png Pom Pom Shoes PSI
Image:Powderblueswingsuitsneakers.png Powder Blue Swing Suit Sneakers eStore
4737-1.png Prince Shoes eStore
5028-1.png Princess Shoes eStore
Purplebubbleandtroublewitchshoes.png Purple Bubble and Trouble Witch Shoes eStore
Image:Purplesneakers.png Purple Sneakers KinzStyle Outlet
4734-1.png Queen Shoes eStore
Image:Rainboots.png Rain Boots KinzStyle Outlet
Image:Rainbowboots.png Rainbow Boots KinzStyle Outlet
Image:Redmaryjanes.png Red Mary Janes KinzStyle Outlet
Image:Redridinghoodshoes.png Red Riding Hood Shoes eStore
Image:Redsandals.png Red Sandals PSI
790-1.png Red Sneakers KinzStyle Outlet
File:Redwebkinzrunners.png Red Webkinz Runners
Image:Robertakinzshoes.png Roberta Kinz Shoes eStore
Robosuitboots.png Robo Suit Boots eStore
Rockclimbingshoes.png Rock Climbing Shoes Adventure Park
Rockdivaboots.png Rock Diva Boots eStore
Image:Rockstarbigblackboots.png Rock Star Big Black Boots KinzClothes
5199-1.png Royal Blue Chess Shoes eStore
797-1.png Ruby Slippers KinzStyle Outlet
Ruffledsummersunsandals.png Ruffled Summer Sun Sandals Webkinz Newz
Image:Safarihikingboots.png Safari Hiking Boots KinzClothes
Image:Salleycatkinzshoes.png Salley Cat Kinz Shoes eStore
Santakinzhelperetteshoes.png Santakinz Helperette shoes Christmas Wshop
Santakinzhelpershoes.png Santakinz Helper shoes Christmas Wshop
Image:Scubaflippers.png Scuba Flippers KinzClothes
Seashellshoes.png Seashell Shoes Adventure Park
Skyhighheeledboots.png Sky High Heeled Boots eStore
Image:Slouchboots.png Slouch Boots KinzStyle Outlet
Image:Snowmanboots.png Snowman Boots eStore
Image:Softsuedeboots.png Soft Suede Boots KinzStyle Outlet
Image:Solarboots.png Solar Boots Alyssa's Star Challenge
Image:Sparkykinzshoes.png Sparkly Kinz Shoes eStore
Image:Springcelebrationshoes.png Spring Celebration Shoes Holiday Gift Bag
Springtimelacedheels.png Springtime Laced Heels Webkinz Newz
Image:Springtimeshoes.png Springtime Shoes KinzStyle
Image:Summersandals.png Summer Sandals Kinzstyle Outlet
4940-1.png Superhero Boots KinzStyle Outlet Special
Image:Sweetheartshoes.png Sweetheart Shoes KinzStyle
Image:Tapdancingshoes.png Tap Dancing Shoes Party Loot Bag Prize
Tiedyedtux.png Tie Dyed Tux Shoes PSI
Image:Tradingcardgameshoes.png Trading Card Game Shoes Trading Card Series 1
Image:Tradingcardwizardshoes.png Trading Card Wizard Shoes Trading Card Series 2
TriStrapGladiatorSandals.png Tri Strap Gladiator Sandals Kinzstyle Outlet
Turquoiseflats.png Turquoise Flats Webkinz Newz
888-2.png Tuxedo Shoes KinzStyle Outlet
Image:Trendysneakers.png Trendy Sneakers KinzStyle Outlet
Vintageglamshoes.png Vintage Glam Shoes Webkinz Newz
Image:Webkinzrunners.png Webkinz Runners eStore
Image:Wingtipshoes.png Wing Tip Shoes KinzStyle Outlet
Image:Workerboots.png Worker Boots KinzStyle Outlet
Woollygaloshes.png Woolly Galoshes Fallfest
Image:Yellowsneakers.png Yellow Sneakers Retired KinzStyle Outlet
Zodiacaircostumeshoes.png Zodiac Air Costume Shoes Webkinz Newz
Zodiacearthcostumeshoes.png Zodiac Earth Costume Shoes Webkinz Newz Prize
Zodiacfirecostumeshoes.png Zodiac Fire Costume Shoes Webkinz Newz Prize
Zodiacwatercostumeshoes.png Zodiac Water Costume Shoes Webkinz Newz Prize
Image:Zumcostumefeet.png Zum Costume Feet Zumwhere

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