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School Theme

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Theme History

The School Theme was introduced to the wShop in the summer of 2006.

In January 2014, the School Theme retired from the wShop.

In August 2014, the Kinzville Academy Plaque, Teacher's Desk, Cubby Hole Cabinet, Classroom TV and Classroom Chalkboard were included in the Super School Give-A-Way 2014.

On September 14, 2014, the School Theme returned to the wShop. Three new items were added: the Classroom Workstation, the Library Lounger and the Library Bookshelf. Two old items were retired and did not return: the Classroom TV and the Kinzville Academy Plaque.

In August 2015, the Classroom Workstation, Teacher's Desk, Teacher's Chair, Kinzville Academy Plaque and Library Lounger will be included in the Super School Give-A-Way 2015.

Theme Preview


Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type Cost
1632-1.png Booger's Times Tables Poster wShop 45 KC
1635-1.png Classroom Carpet Flooring wShop 75 KC
1610-1.png Classroom Chalkboard wShop 325 KC
1612-1.png Classroom Clock wShop 50 KC
1614-1.png Classroom TV wShop 425 KC
1639-1.png Classroom Wallpaper wShop 95 KC
Classroomwhiteboard.png Classroom Whiteboard Ganz eStore ? points
File:Classroomworkstation.png Classroom Workstation wShop
(Deluxe Only)
650 KC
1623-1.png Collegiate Chair wShop
(Deluxe Only)
95 KC
1621-1.png Cubby Hole Cabinet wShop 295 KC
3160-1.png Kinzville Academy Plaque wShop 50 KC
File:Librarybookshelf.png Library Bookshelf wShop 850 KC
File:Librarylounger.png Library Lounger wShop
(Deluxe Only)
300 KC
1607-1.png Student Chair wShop 45 KC
1602-1.png Student Desk wShop 115 KC
1609-1.png Teacher's Chair wShop
(Deluxe Only)
175 KC
1608-1.png Teacher's Desk wShop
(Deluxe Only)
250 KC

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