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Scams in Webkinz World are most often found in the trading rooms of the Clubhouse. This page is to warn you of scams, scammers, and how to avoid being scammed. Learning how to recognize and prevent scams is an important skill that every trader needs to develop in order to keep trading a great, fun, and exciting challenge.


Frequent Scams

There are many scams on Webkinz World, but some of the most frequently observed ones are listed and described here.

"Send Via Kinzpost" Scam

A scammer will offer you a low-valued item for your much more valued item (such as WZ Jeans or Plumpy's Glasses) at the Trading Table, sending you a friend request and telling you that you'll receive something equal to what you gave via Kinzpost.

You will not receive your end of the deal. It's a scam to steal your valued items. Don't trust anyone who says you'll receive an equal item: you won't.

"Food" Scam

A scammer may also try to convince you that a simple pet specific food, recipe food, or W-Shop food is a high-value item. For example, they may pass off the Atomicolicious Punch, a solved recipe food, as part of a retired theme, or the Presto Pesto Pizza, the Magical Retriever's pet specific food, as a valuable pet specific item.

Always mouse over the trader's item and check what type of object it is. If still unsure, check the Webkinz Insider Picture Gallery as well, or even the WIGEV if necessary.

"Try Out" Scam

A scammer may ask for a valuable item to "see if it fits" or "see how it looks in my room," giving you a low value item in return and promising to return your item via KinzPost. Once the high value item is safe in the scammer's hands, you will be removed from the scammer's friend list without the item you previously gave him or her.

Don't fall for this scam. Your trade partner will not send the item back.

"False Trust" Scam

A scammer will try to earn your trust by sweetening you up, calling you his or her best friend, making you feel included, etc. in hopes that you'll give him or her your valuable items in return for his or her amiability. Once the items are received, you will be deleted and blocked from the scammer's friend list.

The scammer is not your friend, nor do you owe him or her anything. The scammer wants to use you for items. Do not trust players like this.

What Now?

Now that you're educated on common scams, you'll hopefully be able to recognize scams in the future and therefore avoid losing your valuable items.

You can also check the Webkinz Insider Forum for information on other scams (make sure to read Justin's announcement) so you can have a fun and scam-free Trading Room experience.

It's also a good idea to have the WIGEV open in a separate window while you trade so you can compare values.

And remember, don't scam anyone else. It'll be a black mark on your conscience, you'll get a bad reputation in the Trading Room, and you might even get banned. You'll never be able to enjoy the item like you would have if you had traded fairly.

Thanks for reading! Have fun trading and good luck scoring big!