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Salley Cat

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File:Salley (1).png

Salley Cat is an alley cat who attends the Kinzville Academy. She is the unofficial 'leader' of the Kinz Crew. Her best friend is Stoogles Googles.

Salley is described as "used to being the new cat in town – she’s been all over Webkinz World (her mom moves between offices quite frequently) and she’s finally settled in Kinzville. Salley is worldly and mature beyond her years. She’s the unofficial ‘president’ of the ‘Kinz. She’s into strange but delicious foods, reading, going on adventures, crafting and video games. Things started off a bit rough when she first arrived in Kinzville (she was bullied by Purr-Cilla), but she made a lot of friends with the help of her pal Stoogles.".

According to Plumpy, Salley is "a leader and solver of many problems".


Name Image Type
Salley Cat Bobblehead Toy File:Salleycatbobbleheadtoy.png Adventure Park
Salley Cat Kinz Glasses File:Salleycatkinzglasses.png Ganz eStore
Salley Cat Kinz Pants File:Salleycatkinzpants.png Ganz eStore
Salley Cat Kinz Plushie File:Salleycatkinzplushie.png Webkinz Newz
Salley Cat Kinz Shoes File:Salleycatkinzshoes.png Ganz eStore
Salley Cat Kinz Sweater File:Salleycatkinzsweater.png Ganz eStore


Salley can be found in the following books:

W Tales Book: The New Cat in Town
The Too Talented Crew
The Disappearing Sculpture
Roberta's Gift
Superstar Spring Break
Molly Pig's Best Friend
One Amazing Adventure

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