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Runway Room

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Room Overview

The Runway room was opened on May 12th, 2010. It is one of the newer rooms in the Clubhouse.


The runway room allows you to model your pets' outfits. The large stage provides a runway, allowing your pet to walk down and model its clothing. By clicking on the stage, each pet lines up and reserves a spot in line. After each pet models, the line moves up allowing another pet a turn. Once on stage the other Webkinz in the room have a chance to rate your model's outfit.


After a few seconds the votes are tallied and divided into the average number that was voted. (For example: if 3 people voted '5' and once person voted '1', the average score would be a '4') The final score is shown to the public along with an automated response from the 'judges'.


The responses possible to receive are:

Rating: 1.0-2.4: Oh dear, PETNAME, your outfit is a little too plain 'n tame.

Rating: 2.5-3.0: Well PETNAME, it seems you have chosen some common couture.

Rating: 3.1-4.4: Alright, PETNAME, you sure know how to pick some terrific threads!

Rating: 4.5-5.0: Wow PETNAME, you're a style sensation!

The room is a Clubhouse favorite among pets with rare clothing items such as Kinzstyle or eStore threads. However, you do not need to have rare clothes to participate or receive a high score. If your score is high enough, you have a chance to receive a letter from Persephone.


Webkinz Insider has a thread dedicated to finding your friends in the Runway room. Here it is:


Want to recreate this room in your house? Here are some of the items you'll need.

Picture Name Item Type
2302-1.png Glam Boutique Flooring Glam Boutique Item
Foreveryourose.png Forever You Rose Valentines Gift
Stylishclothesrack.png Stylish Clothes Rack Kinzville Academy
3079-1.png Gold Beauty Pageant Trophy Beauty Contest Winner
5232-1.png Zebra Print Silkscreen eStore
2988-1.png Trading Card 2.0 Dining Chair Trading Card Item

NOTE: The Stage and the Runway Wallpaper are NOT available to Webkinz players.