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Rock & Roll Theme

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Theme History

The Rock & Roll Theme was introduced to the wShop in 2005.

Theme Preview


Theme Furniture

Picture Name Item Type Cost
969-1.png Amplifier Stove wShop 680 KC
1012-1.png Boom Box Vanity wShop 625 KC
976-1.png Boomin' Black Couch wShop 950 KC
962-1.png Boomin' Black Lounge Chair wShop 400 KC
1013-1.png Guitar Case Toy Box wShop 510 KC
965-1.png Guitar Chair wShop 245 KC
1011-1.png Mixing Board Desk wShop 495 KC
3229-1.png Rock & Roll Dresser wShop 550 KC
977-1.png Rock & Roll Flooring wShop 125 KC
963-1.png Rock & Roll Trophy Pedestal wShop 140 KC
970-1.png Rock & Roll Wallpaper wShop 125 KC
1014-1.png Rock Dining Table wShop 525 KC
1017-1.png Rock On Poster wShop 95 KC
1015-1.png Rock Stage TV wShop 1000 KC
974-1.png Rock Star Bed wShop 1050 KC
1010-1.png Rock Star Wardrobe wShop 775 KC
975-1.png Rockin' Red Couch wShop 950 KC
964-1.png Rockin' Red Lounge Chair wShop 400 KC
961-1.png Snare Sidetable wShop 250 KC
968-1.png Speaker Fridge wShop 750 KC
967-1.png Stage Light wShop 195 KC
979-1.png Studded Coffee Table wShop 425 KC
966-1.png Tamborine Chair wShop 200 KC

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