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Roberta Rabbit

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File:Roberta 2.pngFile:mollyrobertasparky.png

Roberta Rabbit is a student at the Kinzville Academy. She is Reid Rabbit's older sister. She is also best friends with Cowabelle.

According to Plumpy, Roberta is "both caring AND outgoing". She is also a member of the Kinz Crew.

Ganz describes Roberta as follows:[1]

Roberta is a braces wearing, glasses-clad bunny. She’s spunky and enthusiastic and entertaining. She loves to dance, sing and act. Music is a big part of her life and she wants to be a singer or composer when she grows up. She’s also concerned about the environment, and does her part to keep Webkinz World clean. Her dad travels a lot (he’s a salesman), so it’s usually just her and her mom. She and her dad have had their relationship problems in the past, but they’re both trying harder to see each other’s point of view. Roberta is very stubborn and convinced she’s got the answer for everything. She is best friends with Cowabelle, and the two of them love to watch music videos, make up dances and plays, and have sleepovers.


Name Image Type
Roberta Bobblehead Toy File:Robertabobbleheadtoy.png Adventure Park
Roberta Kinz Glasses File:Robertakinzglasses.png Ganz eStore
Roberta Kinz Pants File:Robertakinzpants.png Ganz eStore
Roberta Kinz Plushie File:Robertakinzplushie.png Ganz eStore
Roberta Kinz Shoes File:Robertakinzshoes.png Ganz eStore
Roberta Kinz Top File:Robertakinztop.png Ganz eStore


Roberta can be found in the following books:

Arte and The Lost Tomb Book
W Tales Book: Charmed, I'm Sure
W Tales Book: The New Cat in Town
Roberta's Gift
The Too Talented Crew
Superstar Spring Break